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Connect Explore

With Connect Explore, you can find perfect targeting for your facebook ads.

Popular SAAS SPY Lifetime Deals

ToolBenefitsOffer PriceDeal Page
Pabbly ConnectAutomation Tool Like Zapier$79/LifetimeView Deal
Connect ExploreFacebook Targeting Tool$199/LifetimeView Deal
SendAppWhatsapp Marketing Tool$59/LifetimeView Deal
GroupBossCollect Leads from Facebook Group$287/LifetimeView Deal
InfluencerSoftSales Funnel Builder$497/LifetimeView Deal
AdvertsuiteFacebook Ads Spy Tools$47/LifetimeView Deal
Idea NoteCollect, develop, and prioritize the right ideas$59 / LifetimeView Deal
WP ResetReset, recover, and rebrand your WordPress site in no time$49 / LifetimeView Deal
PublerCreate, schedule, and analyze all your social media posts$39 / LifetimeView Deal
BoostGrow your email list by collecting verified emails with social opt-in links$49 / LifetimeView Deal
If-SoDeliver dynamic content to visitors based on their characteristics and site interactions$49 / LifetimeView Deal
SendFoxAutomatically send customized emails to your subscribers, followers, and fans$49 / LifetimeView Deal
BeaconGrow your email list with professional lead magnets completed in minutes$69 / LifetimeView Deal
SwitchyBoost engagement and conversions with custom retargeting links$39 / LifetimeView Deal
SuiteDashAll your business software needs in one fully integrated cloud-based platform$79 / LifetimeView Deal
PlutioManage your entire business from one dashboard$199 / LifetimeView Deal
StackbyEverything you need to plan, organize, and automate your work$79 / LifetimeView Deal
EpicPxlsCreate beautiful websites and landing pages with customizable templates$39 / LifetimeView Deal
TeamdeckGet your team in sync with time tracking and resource management in one simple calendar view$49 / LifetimeView Deal
KingSumoGenerate tons of leads for your business or brand with viral giveaways$49 / LifetimeView Deal
Find That LeadScale lead generation by finding, verifying, and contacting leads with one tool$49 / LifetimeView Deal
EvidenceUse real-time social proof to skyrocket your conversions$49 / LifetimeView Deal
ConvergeHubAn all-in-one CRM platform for sales, marketing, support, and billing$69 / LifetimeView Deal
EventsFrameMake the ticket process quick, painless, and profitable with EventsFrame$49 / LifetimeView Deal
WooriseLaunch better contests and giveaways to improve lead generation$49 / LifetimeView Deal
WP Scheduled PostsAutomate your WordPress workflow and collaborate on content$39 / LifetimeView Deal
Appsumo FreebiesLimited Time Free Deals from AppsumoFree for LifetimeView Deal

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SaaS?

Saas is a cloud-based service that was first introduced in the 1960s but was less recognized. In the lates 1990s, companies like Salesforce followed the Saas business model with cloud computing. 

Saas or Software as a Service is a cloud-based service that allows you to access their service from anywhere using the internet connection. More precisely, it is a service that can be accessed using the internet browser. 

Not everyone likes the installation process and that’s true. The installation process may take time, eat up space, and is also a tedious one. With Saas, you don’t need to install the software on your device. Now, you know why it is preferred by most of the businesses.

Saas vs On-Premise Services

There’s a contrasting difference between the SaaS services and On-premise services. Now, I am not criticizing the on-premise services but they may take up a lot of your time in setup, installation and may also be less viable.  

SaaS platforms offer web-based service which means you don’t need to troubleshoot and fix the problems on your PC. The SaaS companies take care of all the technical issues and you need no assistance in setup or installation.

Saas companies work on a stacking model which might be a big plus. You will learn about stacking later here.

Also, I have found that small businesses with less budget prefer Saas. That’s because of its low subscription or lifetime deals.

What Is Lifetime Deal?

Lifetime deals could be another reason for the growing popularity of SaaS software. Once you have purchased the product lifetime deal, you will get access to the software for a lifetime. 

But, these software lifetime deals are valid for a limited time period. Else, SaaS tools have a monthly or annual subscription which may range from $10 to $500/month. 


A lifetime deal offers a full-time license with discounts of up to 99%. The best part about the SaaS tools is they include all the features and services in their lifetime deal which is a great fit for any size of business. 


You would often find it hard to find a Saas tool with lifetime license as these golden deals are scattered and less known. If you want to catch a big fish, you need to explore more stay alert.

What Is Saas Stacking?

Stacking is a simple model for Saas platforms which makes it more functional and more accessible for small businesses. 

Stacking works by joining the internal products with the external pieces of software.

Let’ say, you have purchased an email marketing platform that allows you to send only emails. Within 6 months, you need a CRM platform or social media platform. You can add these tools to the stack by purchasing lifetime deals and discounts.

There are a number of websites that offer huge discounts on these SaaS websites so that you can add it to your marketing stack.

Best Lifetime Deals Websites in 2020

With the increasing competition among the businesses to scale to the next level; business owners look for the websites that offer everything on the plate. 

Most of them even find recurring payments tedious and hence they look for lifetime deals.

But, the hunt for lifetime deals is hard as you don’t know about which tool is currently offering the discounts. Also, these deals are mostly offered by the newbies, so it becomes even more difficult. 

Now, there are a plenty of websites that have a list of Lifetime deals on the basis of different categories.

  • AppSumo -

    Best for Pro Bloggers, Small to Medium Businesses, Video Creators, Affiliate Marketers

  • PitchGround - Best for Small businesses and marketers
  • Deal Mirror -

    Best for Small business, Small developers, and web design businesses, Bloggers

  • Stack Social - All Types of Lifetime Deals available
  • SAAS Mantra - Suitable for Small Business and Beginner Affiliate marketers
  • Dealify - Growth Hackers and Small Businesses
  • DealFuel - Suitable for Small, medium businesses, Bloggers, Affiliate marketers, SEO, video creators, web developers, and WordPress users.
  • Rebeliance - Startups and Entrepreneurs
  • SaaSWiz - Entrepreneurs, Agency Owners, Freelancers, and small businesses.
  • - Small ECommerce business
  • JVZoo - Suitable for Affiliate Marketers, SEO, Online Businesses
  • ClickBank - Suitable for Everyone
  • LTDF FB Group - All Types of Lifetime Deals available
Pros and Cons of SaaS

In this section, you will learn about the pros and cons of using SaaS cloud servers.


 Let’s look at the positives first: 


  • Installation Time: SaaS cuts off the installation time of the software on your system. SaaS software is easily available through the internet and does not need to be installed on your device. SaaS is a great alternative to On-premise software which takes up a lot of time in installation and installation of updates. 
  • Cost Reduction: The reason why SaaS is preferred by all size of the business is that it cuts your cost reduction for installation, purchasing the storage, and hiring a team for its maintenance. 
  • Accessibility: You can access SaaS services from anywhere in the world. It is easily accessible and can be run through web browsers as well as mobile devices. The software is readily available to the clients. 
  • Less Responsibility: Honestly, I hate the installation and update process. Also, if you face issues in your installed software, you are on your own and no technical team would help you fix these issues. 

However, SaaS platforms cut off your responsibilities of constantly updating the software or installing the new features. The technical issues are completely resolved by the vendor so you can focus on what you are doing. 


  • Highly Affordable: Besides the reduced cost of maintenance and data storage, SaaS platforms have highly affordable subscription packages. Some Saas platforms give pay-as-you-go, subscription model, while others give monthly/yearly subscription or lifetime access. 




  • Security: Security is a major concern for SaaS users. With everything on the internet, your provider has access to all your data and that’s a big risk. SaaS companies assure of using the encrypted tools to avoid the data breach but there’s still a chance. 
  • Internet Connection: Internet is a must when you are a  SaaS user. Also, if the internet connection is slow, your SaaS platform might run slow too. Unavailability of the internet may eat up a lot of your time in turn.

Control Issues: If you are someone who can take up the issues and love to customize your software, then SaaS tools are not the perfect choice. However, most of the businesses want the customizations and technical issues to be handled by the third-party and so they prefer SaaS. 

SaaS Discount Codes & Coupon

I agree that lifetime deals are costly and not everyone can afford it. Either you pay full fees or you can pay in different installments. But, not all companies offer that option.

Almost 85% of the Saas providers give the option to choose between a Lifetime deal or monthly and yearly subscription. 


SaaS companies mostly comprise of startups and medium-sized companies and hence they look to generate more revenue and get more leads by offering discount codes. 

Similar to the lifetime deals, these discount codes may be available only for a limited time period.


  • Discount For Beta Users: These discounts are offered by the Saas platforms when they have tried and tested the new product. They can be called as a promotional stunt for a new product. 
  • Social Media Promotions: Several Saas providers use social media to boost their conversions. They organize giveaways and discount coupons to the users or the participants attending any of their social media events.

Loyalty Discounts: Customers are everything! You can’t afford to lose a customer who has your brand loyalty. And no one hates discounts; be it a new or old customer. SaaS companies offer discounts to loyal customers from time to time and access to more features.

Why Should You Buy SaaS Lifetime Deals?

Lifetime deals are worth it. You don’t need to worry about paying recurring fees for the tool. That takes a lot of stress and calculations off your plate. 

No need to update the credit card payments periodically. Lifetime deals cut down your hassle to subscribe or not to subscribe for the next cycle.

Even if you have used their platform for more than a year, you can reduce its use and try other alternatives without worrying about its payment. 


There might be some saved data or your whole workflow process that is essential for your business. 


You can log in and transfer or use your saved data anytime you want. Also, Lifetime deals offer a great Return of Investment (ROI) to the customers. 


If you have just started out, you can take the benefits of Lifetime deals so that you save your monthly recurring bill and since you have paid it once, you will surely get a better ROI out of it. 


Lifetime Deals are usually offered by the new and upcoming SaaS products. So, when you purchase the lifetime license for a SaaS product, you are going to be a part of its development process.


With the new features and fixing of bugs, you can experience a better user-experience than the tools that offer less flexibility. 


This way, you can give the creators better feedback and eventually become loyal customer.

Why SaaS Developers Give Lifetime Deals?

Despite the cost of maintenance and storage, SaaS platforms give lifetime deals at a price that is even less than your yearly subscription. 

As a customer, you need a SaaS platform to cut the cost, save storage, and get the stacks of tools for the lifetime.

But how does the developer benefit by giving the SaaS lifetime deals? 

As a developer, you have launched a new product or you might have added the new feature to your platform.

 And you want your customers to know about these features. No one will take the risk of purchasing a new product until you throw a bait. It is even hard to convince an existing customer to pay for the new features

Lifetime access is one of the ways to convince your customers to try out the new products or beta-test your feature. Developers offer lifetime access for a limited time period or huge discounts until they have gained the customer’s trust.

Who Should Use SaaS Lifetime Deals?

Saas B2B websites are perfect for all kinds of businesses. In my opinion, SaaS has all the features that are pre-requisite for small to mid-size businesses. As of 2022, the projected SaaS revenue will reach $143.7 bn. 

Saas Lifetime Deals can be used for various purposes which include: 

  • CRM
  • Email Marketing Tools
  • Website Builders
  • SEO Tools
  • Video Editors
  • Sales and Marketing Tools
  • Analytics
  • Web Conferencing
  • Social media management

Hence, Saas platforms which provide these features can be beneficial for: 

  • Small Businesses
  • Video & Content Creators like Podcasters and YouTubers
  • Web Designers
  • Freelancers
  • Solopreuers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Marketing Businesses
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