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Advertsuite Review

Advertsuite Overview

CreatorLuke Maguire
Official website 
Front-End Price$67
Guarantee14-day money-back guarantee
RecommendHighly recommended!


In this post, we will do an in-depth Advertsuite review which is often termed as the best Facebook Ads Spy Tool by various marketers online.

If you are an online marketer, you might have definitely tried to sell your products or your clients' products through various social media platforms.

Facebook Ads are the most effective ad campaigns for generating revenue and for better ROI. Facebook is not the cheapest source of traffic and so you need a better strategy for more precise targeting and more ROI.

Facebook Ads Spy Tools serves the purpose here. An ideal Facebook Ads Spy Tool can do all the wonders for your Facebook marketing campaigns.

They can show you the creatives used, the target audience, the demographics, and all the other necessary factors to outrank your competitors.

I was looking for recommendations on how to get the most out of the Facebook Ads and I bumped into Advertsuite; a reputed Facebook Ad Spy Tool.

Advertsuite is a tool best known for removing all the mystery of finding the winning secrets by the businesses.

Is Adversuite Worth?

Advertsuite software is often known as the world's largest data for Facebook Ads.

It was founded by Luke Maguire who is a well-known founder of various social media marketing tools such as Octosuite, Cryptosuite, Social AutoBot, and various others.

The data by PR Newswire states that there are 2.50 billion Facebook users around the world and about 83% of Internet users are actively using Facebook.

Advertsuite currently has a database of over 40 million Facebook Ads worldwide.

But, this tool is not just for Facebook Ads but also for Instagram, Google, and YouTube.

Currently, Advertsuite is one of the most effective and affordable Ad Tool.

It is giving a special AdvertSuite discount of $33.5 (Coupon Code: JVZOO50 ) with a 14-days money-back guarantee.

With Advertsuite software, you can easily search and filter your competitor's Facebook products.

Advertsuite lets you:

  • Analyze the past and live Facebook Ads in your niche
  • Know what ads are working currently
  • Show your competitors running ads along with their landing page in 1 dashboard.
  • See the ad traffic for the winning products
  • Targeting the Audience for their ads
  • Replicate your competitor's campaign and design a better campaign

Who Is Advertsuite Good For?

Advertsuite is a collective library of Facebook Ads with all the niches in its database.

Just like when you see an ad or a campaign in your competitor's niche, you might want to save it for your reference. In no time, it helps you target a large audience with meaningful and descriptive ad ideas.

Now, every tool is not suitable for everyone. Advertsuite was also created for a specific audience in the mind.

It is best suited for:

  • Local Marketing Business: Even if you are a local business, a Facebook Ad can prove to be a goldmine for you. With better targeting and precise reach, Advertsuite makes use of keywords, domains, and niches to find the winning ads.
  • Online Marketing and Lead Generation: Advertsuite can also help you get more sales and generate leads for the client's online business by targeting winning ads on any niche.
  • E-commerce: Advertsuite searches the FB ads going to any Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento store to discover the most trending and engaging products as well as the most engaging buyer traffic. The only pitfall is that it doesn't give any information about the revenue generated.
  • List Building: Not everyone knows that but you can also utilize this Ad tool to build your email list. With Advertsuite, an affiliate marketer can target the specific keyword by showing exact FB ads and funnels that can help you create your email list.

Adversuite Features

The first thing, I did was try the Advertsuite Dashboard and learn how to create a better Facebook ad campaign by analyzing your competitors.

The Dashboard was robust and intuitive to use. Within 1 dashboard, you can create profitable Ads without waste of any time.

Advertsuite Review
Advertsuite Coupon

Let's see about the features of Advertsuite here:

Remove All The Guesswork For Facebook Ads:

It saves up a lot of time and a lot of extra work analyzing the ads on Facebook.

You can set up the date, keywords, domains, and niche to see which ads are currently live and working and which are not.

This way, you can predict the ad position and leading ad strategy with almost no guesswork.

Advertsuite Results

Use Geo-Location Filters

Now, it is really important to know about the location of your audience in your niche and domain.

You can use the geolocation filters to set out any country you want to target and spy on the ads that are currently running and ruling.

So, by combining the country filter with the language filter will help your targeting module more efficiently.

No Need To Test Ads

As I said earlier, Advertsuite cuts off all your extra work and there is no need to test, edit, and preview your ads repeatedly.

Internet marketers can generate money testing ads without doing any guesswork.

You can directly spy on your competitors, run best performing ads for FB users, and save up a lot of time.

Facebook Ads Database

Advertsuite's sales page claims it to be one of the largest Facebook Ads Databases. It has currently 40 million ads in the Facebook library in 20 countries.

Advertsuite Database

Now, there is an interesting observation. As you hover over the country filter, you will find a long list of countries with running Facebook Ads.

This surely means that it collects the database from 20+ countries. However, I haven't tested it yet.

Competitor Analysis

There is another interesting feature that Advertsuite shows. It targets the competitor's advertisements completely.

To look for the competitors, type the keywords of your competitors.

Alternatively, you can put the domain of the landing page which scrapes out the competitor's keywords, target, and winning strategy.

You can also find out the tools that were used for creating the landing page.

Video Ads, CTA, and Ad Placement Filter:

With Video Ads working more these days, the internet marketer can spy and know what video Ads are trending these days.

You can set up the filter to show up only video ads and scrape the information out of it.

You can also get an insight into where the Ads are giving better returns.

Use the ad placement filter to find out if the ads work better in the news feed or at the right-hand side column.

There is also a less popular filter where you can sort by using the CTA text button and see what CTA texts your competitors are using.

AdvertSuite Pricing

I decided to write the Advertsuite Review because of its cost-efficient plans.

Advertsuite offers 1 front-end and 3 OTOs (One-Time-Offer) plans to the customers.

The Advertsuite comes up for just $67 which is the best selling plan. Also, it is the most affordable Facebook Ad spy tool when compared to its rivals.

Advertsuite Pricing

I am not overhyping Advertsuite but Luke itself claims that if you wouldn't generate any revenue with this tool, you would get back double the amount of the cost of this Facebook tool.

Advertsuite promises the 14-Day Money back guarantee and full refund.

With our Advertsuite Coupon Code, you can purchase a lifetime license with an Advertsuite discount price.

  1. Front-End Plan: $67 Lifetime Deal: When you subscribe to the front-end plan, you will be taken to the upsell page where you can upgrade your plan for another $67.Advertsuite gives you the following:
    • Fully Customizable Dashboard
    • Unlimited Searches, and Filters
    • Competitors Breakdown
    • Landing page URL
    • Advertsuite breaks down ads by Geo filters
    • Shopify segmenter
    • Video Ads & CTA Integration
    • Demographic Filters
    • Full Agency Rights and Bonus
    • One-Time Deal
  1. Advertsuite OTO 1 : Syndicate Upsell for $67
Advertsuite OTO1

You will definitely need this upsell if you need a broader targeting.

This plan is also called the Syndicate Plan.

With this OTO plan, you can display and spy on the Instagram, Google, and Instagram Ads of your competitors.

Advertsuite Google Ads
Advertsuite Instagram Ads
Advertsuite Youtube Ads
  1. Advertsuite OTO 2 : VIP Training Upsell for $57

This is an upgrade for getting access to the training videos on Adevrtsuite. If you are a Social media agency and want your employees to learn about Spying on competitors, a VIP training upgrade would be sufficient enough. This is also a great offer for Affiliates, marketers, and businesses.

In this OTO upgrade of $57, you get in-depth 15+ training videos on Advertsuite with Luke featuring in it. This plan also offers 5 vip webinars on Facebook Advertising and posting ads on Facebook for money.

  1. Advertsuite OTO3 : Reseller Level Upsell #3: $197 
Advertsuite OTOs

With an upgrade of $197, you can actually resell Advertsuite with your own brand name. I rarely find the reseller programs which allow their reseller to resell their services with their own logo and brand name.

So, this is a great way to get a better ROI on all your investments on Advertsuite. The actual cost for its Reseller License is $497 but the Advertsuite Discount will cost you just $197.

You will get 20 licenses for selling this tool to the others.

This plan is best for Marketing Agencies and Resellers.

Pros of Advertsuite:

  • Easy To Use Software
  • Clear Interface and Clean Dashboard
  • Filter ads with various options
  • Affordable Advertsuite Lifetime Deal
  • Various Upsells and OTOs that come with pricing
  • Large Database of Facebook Ads
  • Spy Google Ad Copies and Youtube Ad Copies
  • Addition of over 1000s of new ads every day
  • Unlimited Searches
  • 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 3 Upsell Offers
  • Highly recommended tool for affiliate marketing, dropshipping, and print on demand business performing

Advertsuite Alternatives

Advertsuite vs Poweradspy

Poweradspy is one of the reputed Facebook Ads Spy Tool which comes up with the features such as a search bar, demographic filters, CTA Sorting, and an improvised dashboard.

PowerAdSpy has five pricing plans with a free plan as well. It has a massive database for Facebook Ads with 6 million ads in over 15 countries.

Likewise Advertsuite, it also has the flexibility to spy over Instagram, Google, and Youtube ads.

Comparatively, both of the Facebook Ad Tools are similar in functions.

The only downfall for PowerAdSpy is that to get access to features like Advertsuite, you will need to pay $149 per month.

On the other hand, Advertsuite offers these features for just $67 for a lifetime.

Advertsuite vs Adplexity

Advertsuite can be called as a cheap alternative to Adplexity.

Adplexity is the #1 best Spy Ad tool in the industry.

It is a complete tool for Mobile, Desktop, and Native Intelligence.

If we compare Advertsuite with Adplexity, there are various features that Advertsuite still lacks.

Buy, I guess Advertsuite is more affordable for small businesses and individuals and satisfies the need at a small scale.

No doubt, Adplexity is one of the best Facebook Ads Spy tools but it costs $199/month.

I don't think you would want to invest this amount on a Facebook ad spy tool if you are getting a cheaper alternative.

Advertsuite vs Connect Explore

While Advertsuite spies on your competitor's Ad and high converting winning campaigns, Connect Explore finds the hidden Facebook interests and uses search filters for the Facebook competitors.

With Connectio's powerful search engines, you can advanced targeting for your ads, this tool can be worthy of the marketers.

But, Advertsuite uses its database and the guesswork becomes zero with search filters such as demographics, gender, ad placement, and CTA button.

Why Do You Need Advertsuite?

If you are in a highly competitive niche, you definitely can't ignore the Facebook Ad Spy tools like these.

Advertsuite is a one-stop solution for a profitable Facebook Ad.

It does all the guesswork, gives the best audience targeting, and speeds up your process by replicating the competitor.

In short, Advertsuite was able to find the answer to the following questions:

  • How Do I Even create a FB AD?
  • How To Monetize FB Ad?
  • How To Make Money posting Facebook Ads?
  • How do I create an ad that is a WINNER vs wasting money on ads that don't work?
  • How to find competitors ads?
  • How to find profitable Google ads and youtube ads?
  • Which Ad copy Perform Better? Video or Images?
  • Which Audience and Countries To Target for successful ad Campaigns.

And why do you need to run Facebook Paid Ads? Because 93% of Social Media Advertisers Use FB Ads.

Advertsuite Demo

I hope you have got a clear understanding of the in my Advertsuite review.

Advertsuite Discount

Use our “JVZOO50” advertsuite discount code to get 50% off on front end price. You can get a front-end product for just $33.5 with a discount price.

Final Thoughts:

Is Advertsuite Legit Ad Spy Tool?

I didn't find any evidence of Advertsuite being a scam tool.

In fact, it is one of the most amazing and most affordable Facebook Ads Spy tools in the industry with largest FB ads library.

When compared with the likes of PowerAdSpy and AdPlexity, this tool lacks some features but why not? It is a cheap tool and covers most of the functions of PowerAdSpy is just a one-time payment of $67.

Buy Advertsuite Now with our Coupon Code “JVZOO50”


Can I get Advertsuite Coupon Code?

With this Advertsuite coupon “JVZOO50”, you can get 50% off on front-end price. After the discount, the revised price for the front-end product is just $33.5 Only.

How will I get Advertsuite bonus?

If you purchase through my referral link, you will get all the special advertsuite bonus package through Google Drive to your email post-confirmation.

Do you have an Advertsuite discount for OTOs also?

No, the coupon is not valid for Advertsuite OTOs. Only applicable for front-end products only.

Advertsuite Bonuses

If you purchase through my affiliate link, you can also get these huge 50+ bonuses. …And I'm Going To GIVE YOU My ULTIMATE Bonus Package For FREE!

Advertsuite Bonus

Bonus 1: LinkedIn Ads Made Easy

Bonus 2: Pinterest Traffic Secrets

Bonus 3: Lead Generation On Demand

Bonus 4: Rapid Instagram Profits

Bonus 5: 5 Easy Ways to Discover Hot Niches

Bonus 6: Business Words Used Offline

Bonus 7: Referral Marketing

Bonus 8: Facebook Messenger Marketing

Bonus 9: Ecom Mastery

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Bonus 11: AudioBook Marketing

Bonus 12: Authority Blogging

Bonus 13: Influencer Marketing

Bonus 14: Recurring Income Strategies

Bonus 15: 130 Marketing Sale Lines

Bonus 16: Complete Guide to Twitter Traffic

Bonus 17: Facebook Group Unleashed

Bonus 18: Facebook Retargeting Secrets

Bonus 19: Killer Facebook Ad Tactics

Bonus 20: Social Traffic Plan

Bonus 21: Course Ninja

Bonus 22: Affiliate Networking

Bonus 23: Email Monetizer

Bonus 24: Adsense Marketing Cash Flow

Get Instant Access to Advertsuite

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Get Instant Access to Advertsuite


You must purchase the product through the above link . 

Advertsuite Discount

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Advertsuite Review


Hi, I am Sasidhar, a Digital Marketing Strategist from India. I have over 15 years of experience in Digital Marketing and have helped 100+ businesses through my expertise in the field.

My experience as a digital marketer has enabled me to work with major organizations like AXA Technologies, Manipal Global Education, Euro RSCG, and many others who have hired me to promote their businesses online.

I created this blog to share reviews of software I rely on, as well as the reviews of other products I use. The next time you're looking for an honest review, a deal, or a comparison of the latest software, check out this blog.

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