Connect Explore Review – Find Hidden Facebook Interests

Connect Explore Review
Connect Explore Review

Connect Explore

  • Increase your Facebook reach by targeting untapped interests.
  • Save hours of manual work by finding the exact targets.
  • Increase your conversion rates by targeting the right people.

In the modern era of digitalization, social media marketing has become the most effective way to promote the products and services of a company.

Facebook is the most common platform that is used by big and small businesses for their promotional activities.

Business owners go through a lot of marketing strategies on Facebook for creating better responses from new buyers as well as existing customers.

Though Facebook includes some convenient ways for connecting to the target audience at a lower cost, Facebook’s advert manager lacks the tricks of attracting the target audience accurately. 

Connect Explore comes as the best interest targeting tool for Facebook to execute advanced marketing plans at an affordable price. 

The Importance of Facebook Interest Targeting 

Being a social media platform, Facebook consists of various types of people, but for executing an accurate business plan and finding potential customers, it is very important to know how to find good interests to target on Facebook. 

Interest targeting quickly increases the number of buyers as well as fuels the rapid growth of your business. Interest Targeting on Facebook is an essential process to attract more traffic on your website which eventually generates more leads.

For a new enterprise, it is quite time consuming and difficult to find the targeted audience, but being the most effective Facebook interest targeting tool, Connect Explore saves your precious time and energy by finding your Facebook target audience  automatically. 

Why do you need Connect Explore? 

Connectio Review

Connect Explore is a unique Facebook interest targeting software that automatically searches and prepares a list of capable buyers for your products depending on their choices.

Being the best interest targeting tool for Facebook it focuses and directs your Facebook advertisements towards those potential buyers. 

As the best Facebook interest finder, Connect Explore finds profitable Facebook targeting audiences and gives way to new opportunities for a company.

As per my experience, it is the best Facebook interest targeting tool that gives quick and accurate results.

Features and Benefits

Connect Explore is based upon an easy and understandable ‘audience search’ interface. If you simply put a few search items, you will be provided with a list of relevant targeting areas.

After that, if a few of these are selected, then you will also be offered suggestions for more with the feature of automated suggestions” which is important for reaching the appropriate target audience in Facebook. 

In this software, split testing is also not needed as it shows the most rewarding interests in real-time. Then, the under-performing interests can be erased with just a single click.

Connect Explore is also profitable when it comes to cost.

The tool is compatible with different types of languages that help you to connect worldwide Facebook Target Audience.

Unlike most other interest targeting tools, Connect Explore runs directly through Facebook’s API which means that all the given search results are pre-verified by Facebook itself and genuine. 

This dynamic interest targeting tool Connect Explore can be bought now at just $197 for lifetime access.

It is a one-off price that you can get with a free trial period of 30 days. If you do not find Connect Explore useful, then you can ask for a refund within this 30-day free trial period.

How does Connect Explore Work?

Connect Explore goes through four simple steps to perform better marketing campaigns. These steps include, 

Discovery: Firstly, it discovers Facebook ads hidden interests from your competitors that you can also target.

Filter: After that, it filters the list according to the best options and best potential buyers who will be interested to buy the products and services offered by you. 

Target: Then, those results are applied to the selected interests for achieving the highest return on your investment (ROI).

Monitor and Analyze: Lastly, the applied interests are closely monitored. They are tracked based on their performance like which ones are giving the best reward and to save money and efforts, the failing interests are discontinued. 

Connect Explore Pricing

Connect Explore Pricing

Get Instant Access to Connect Explore

Connect Explore Alternatives

There are many Facebook audience finder tools available in the market other than Connect Explore which also helps you find relevant audiences for your business campaigns such as AdIntelligence, Ads Explorer, and Interests Explorer.

Apart from the Facebook target audience tool, many Facebook ads spy tools offer you an insight into your competitors best ad campaigns and help you to design better ad campaigns for your company.

Some of the spy tools include Social Adscout, Power Adspy and Adspy Hub, Advertsuite, etc.

In spite of so many alternatives, Connect Explore remains the best option because of its accurate and detailed data analysis through Facebbok Ads API, user friendly layout and highest ROI (Return on Investment).

Connectio Products 

Besides Connect Explore, Connectio has many other tools applied for advanced promotional activities and effective marketing.

These tools include,

Connect Audience

It is a Facebook target audience tool for synchronizing your email and Facebook marketing.

Using this tool, your contact lists can be saved as customer Facebook audiences. Additionally, your email lists cam be divided depending upon the behaviors of your subscribers on Facebook.

With the help of Connect Audience, a special type of marketing can be automated according to individual responds to the ads.

Connect Leads

It is a simply designed tool that helps you in the effective use of your Facebook audience to enhance your mailing list.

As the number of users are now more on mobile devices, it is difficult to acquire sign-ups in traditional ways.

Due to its advanced layout, ConnectLeads gives you access to email address of a user when he clicks through on your ad. You give the first tap on the ad and the second tap for signing up confirm.

Connect Retarget

It is the retargeting tool of Connectio. This is one of best strategy used by popular advertisers. This allows you to connect your web-traffic with your Facebook advertising for better information.

If someone visits your website, you will be able to figure out your ads around that. It is really easy to use and it can directly be integrated with strong web platforms such as WordPress and ClickFunnels.

Applying this, anyone should be able to obtain the benefits of retargeting.


Connectio’s access to Facebook Ads Application Programming Interface (API) helps it to provide you with reliable data and statistics on Facebook memberss interests which eventually helps you in executing proper marketing campaigns.

Because of these various types of dynamic features, benefits, and cost-friendly nature, Connectio has now taken Facebook advertising to the next level and has proved itself trustworthy for affiliate marketers, e-commerce marketers, and local marketing consultants.

From this Connect Explore review, we can easily understand, it is the best Facebook interest targeting tool.

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Connect Explore Review


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