Frase Review – Best SEO Content Optimization Tool

Frase Review

If you have ever started your career as a digital marketer, you surely have the idea of how hard it is to find the right content. But how do content marketing and SEO work together?

The short answer is: by providing the answer to the questions users are asking on the internet. Finding your user’s search intent by google autocomplete isn’t just enough. Hence, you need a better content marketing tool.

In this Frase Review, I have shared a detailed guide on how to do SEO content analysis using Frase, its pros, cons, and features.

What Is Frase?

Frase is an amazing content optimization tool that gives relevant content based on the user’s queries. The best part about Frase is that it is an AI-powered tool that curates only the best content and most relevant search queries for content optimization.

Frase is known as one of the best Content Analysis tools with such an exclusive discount. Frase works by answering everything that your users are searching across all the digital channels- search, chat or voice.

Not just the questions, Frase also answered those questions which are most relevant to the search queries. Let’s dig in deeper into the features of Frase and how does it work?

How Does It Work?

Frase, being an AI-Powered SEO Content analysis tool works on three fronts:

  • It helps in creating a content brief for writers by filtering the top results of the primary keyword.
  • It also scans your existing content so that it can be optimized against your competitors for the target keyword.
  • To help content writers further, it automatically searches the best summary of the generated content to make it more user-friendly.

Frase is divided into various parts which can effectively create a great piece of content for you. I have shared a detailed guide below on How to use Fraise to create killer content.

Besides curating the best and most relevant Google results, Frase gives summaries of the content that includes the relevant points of the articles, contextual meaning to the articles and best answers to the questions. 


Frase is one of the most amazing AI-based SEO tools that offers a plethora of features to the users. You need to set your goal and targeted keyword and Frase will give everything you need based on the market.

In this review, let’s have a look at what it offers:

1. Questions Research:

One of the most important applications of Frase is that it helps users to find the most relevant questions. Just enter the keyword that you want to focus on and Frase will give all the relevant questions.

You can also choose the particular domain to find out all the relevant questions from that domain. This is a great competitor analysis tool for agencies or affiliate marketers in a competitive niche.

With Frase, you will get the suggestions based on questions from the search autocomplete. Frase also mines out the questions from various forums such as Quora and Reddit so that you can create engaging answers to find out for your users.

2. Content Brief

Creating a content brief is a breeze with This feature can be most helpful for the agencies or companies who are willing to create a content brief for their writers.

You can create a new content brief by entering the primary focus keyword and this SEO tool will filter the most relevant results in the search engine.

If you are using Frase for creating the content briefs, it will certainly cut-off your extra time and give more time to copywriters. Frase analyzes the Top 20 search results of your keyword such as the WikiPedia pages, newsletters, videos.

It analyzes the content using NLP and creates a complete report of the content brief.

Finally, Frase creates a final document which includes:

  • Creates an Overview such as average word count, sub-topics and links.
  • List of the most important topics in the search results
  • Know how and where to use H2/H3 tags in your document.
  • Stats and information based on your keyword
  • Relevant links and most frequent domains with the sources.

Thus, content brief is a big plus in SEO content writing; be it any niche.

3.  Content Research

Another cool feature of Frase is its Content Research. If you are looking throughout the web in search of a curated content in your niche or around your targeted keyword, Frase can help you.

Furthermore, you can find and create a knowledge base by using Wikipedia. According to Tomas Ratia (Co-founder of Frase), “Over 50% of Google queries return a Wikipedia result on the first page. Therefore, Wikipedia can be an effective SEO research tool. The Frase Concept Map helps you explore Wikipedia's Knowledge Graph to identify topics, build lists, and contribute to your content strategy process.”

Thus, It searches across the web and finds the news links or the piece of information from the web results.

You can also export the content in different formats or import your content to add more information. Finally, you can push the newsletter to email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp directly.

Not just the newsletters, Frase can also help the marketers to create content that is relevant for their social media posts or their onboard mailers.

4. Content Optimization

Now, this is a gold mine tool for SEO and Digital marketers. Why?

Because it can optimize the old and existing content according to the latest trends.

Even if your article is buried deep in the search engine rankings, Frase’ content optimization can help you to make it in the top 10 results. And, updating your old content is the secret key for getting more organic traffic on your website.

Frase works by pulling out the top 20 search engine results based on your target keyword. Once you enter your URL, it will calculate the content score of your article so that you can optimize it further.

Google itself ranks based on the high-quality content irrespective of the links. Hence, Frase finds the missing topics in your content and marks them grey. You can also find out the missing terms in your content by analyzing the TF-IDF.

If you aren’t familiar with TF-IDF in SEO, read here.

5. Content Creation

You do not need MS-Word or other word processors if you have got access to Frase. It creates your content by analysing the top search results of your target keyword. Content creation is an amazing feature of Frase that can help you get inspiration from the competitors.

The best part about a content creation tool is that it saves you a lot of time and avoids the hassle of switching between the tabs.

In the content editor, you can start writing a new content and check your content score simultaneously.

6.  Answer Engine

Lately, Search engines have become the Answer Engines. Why?

That’s because, if a user asks a question, Google will process and evaluate the best answers to their queries; be it the navigational, transactional or informational.

Frase lets users create a knowledge base using the Answer engine feature.

So, Answer engine optimization is a process by which the marketers create and structure the most relevant answers to the partial user’s query.

To accomplish this task, most of the successful marketers use AI-powered SEO tools and hence I would recommend Frase here.

Frase improves the visitor’s experience and increases engagement by crawling your website first. After crawling, it gives out various features:

  • Assistant: Frase will crawl your website and answer the questions from your content using the AI chatbot assistant.
  • Crawl: Once you have set up the crawl, Frase will arrange your content pages and use this information as a knowledge base for the users.
  • Datasets: Finally, you can train your assistant with the answers that you want to answer your visitors. After setting up the assistant, you can review the answers framed by Frase.

Overall, Answer engine is a powerful weapon for making it to the rich featured snippets in the Google search query.

7. Competitor Analysis

This is what we have been doing with other SEO tools such as Ahrefs and SEMRush. But, Frase uses a combination of metrics to do competitor analysis.

Frase uses the Site audit feature to create a competitor analysis. It audits your site on a certain topic comparing it with your competitors and top 10 search queries.

With Frase’ Site audit, you can:

  • Find the content you are excelling at.
  • Find the topics that you are missing out.
  • What topics need your more attention

Above all, you can answer the queries in a better way than your competitors did. After all, Google prefers quality content and user-intent above anything else.

How To Use Frase: Step-By-Step

Be it adding new content or optimizing the old content, Frase can do both the  tasks.

 Let’s see how Frase works:

  • In the dashboard, click on ‘New Document’.
  • Enter the search query or ‘main topic’ of your content. You can also add the secondary query for your target keyword.
  • You can choose to import the published content or start with a new content.
  • Analyse the competition: Once you have rendered the document in the editor, you will see the competitors in the right panel of the Frase. Each link has a content score and the number of links. You will also see the number of times the topic is mentioned in your content in comparison to each competitor.
  • Content Gap: In the editor suggestion, pay special attention to the orange and grey bars. It reflects the missing topics. You can search across those topics and add them to your content.
  • Semantic SEO: Frase is one of the most useful tools to create semantic SEO content. Use content analysis to find out the important points and related topics to add to your content.
  • On the right side, you can quickly switch between the tabs for creating the content outline or finding the topics, adding questions. You can also look for the new links to link with them for credibility.
  • Save and Export: Finally, you can update the old content and check your content score in comparison to the others. Once you are done, you can export your updated content with a click.

Pros & Cons of Frase:


  • AI-Powered SEO Tool
  • Unique Answer Engine for finding out the most relevant queries.
  • Easy To Use and Start
  • Fully Automated Curation of Content
  • Use Artificial Intelligence to boost your rankings.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Google Search Console to crawl your website
  • Frase Assistant can help engage visitors using the search, voice or chatbots.
  • Affordable Pricing for small businesses
  • Lifetime Deal


  • User Interface needs Improvement
  • Shallow tutorials and how-to guides.

How Much Does Frase Cost?

Honestly, Frase is one of the most affordable AI-powered SEO tools that I have seen. It offers a free trial and three paid pricing plans.

The free plan of Frase includes:

  • Unlimited Question Research
  • 5 documents (content briefs, and content optimization)
  • 1 crawl through Google Search Console
  • 1 Answer Engine 30-day trial.

The paid plan of Frase is divided into three parts;

  • Basic Plan (Starts with $39.99 per month billed yearly or $44.99 per month monthly)
  • Growth Plan (Starts with $99.99 per month billed yearly or $114.99 per month monthly)
  • Answer Engine ($199.99 per month billed annually)

However, there is a most affordable on Frase which will give you some exclusive discounts.

Frase Lifetime Deal

Frase is given a limited period lifetime deal to the users. With Frame Lifetime deal, you can save up to 99% annually.

AppSumo offers a flexible lifetime deal on Frase.

  • Single Plan costs $69 for lifetime. Hence, you need to pay for it once.
  • Best suited for single user
  • 30 documents per month
  • All the features included
  • Double Plan
  • Best suited for 3 users
  • Unlimited documents per month
  • All the features included

You can check out the complete features of Frase Lifetime deal here.

Frase Integration

Frase Integrates with a number of popular marketing tools such as:

  • Google Search Console
  • Mailchimp
  • WordPress
  • HubSpot CRM: send leads from your Answer Engine into HubSpot CRM
  • HubSpot COS
  • Google Drive & Dropbox
  • Zapier

Frase Alternatives:

I agree that Frase is not certainly the best SEO & Content marketing tool. So, here are some alternatives to Frase to try out.

1. Surfer SEO

Undoubtedly, it is one of the AI-based SEO tools. Surfer SEO is recommended by most of the top marketers and SEO due to its ease of use and a plethora of features.

Quick Features:

  • Analyzes 500+ ranking factors
  • Data points from top 50 pages
  • Creates a content score
  • Analyzes the missing term on the basis of TF-IDF.
  • SEO Audit and Keyword Research tools
  • Find link building opportunities


Surfer SEO is the best but it is a pricey SEO tool. It offers a 7-day trial for $1.

However, Surfer SEO is considerably expensive when compared to the Frase lifetime deal offer.

Surfer SEO has three pricing plans:

  • Basic Plan costs $59/month.
  • Pro plan costs $99/month
  • Business Plan costs $199/month.

2. MarketMuse

MarketMuse is an AI-based optimization tool for content planning and SEO. Started in 2013, it pulls out the data from the top-performing websites to create new content.


  • Create Content Strategy by analyzing the top competitors
  • Marketmuse also partners with content marketing agencies for outsourcing.
  • Quick Site Audit to identify the missing topics
  • Like Frase, MarketMuse uses content strategy to optimize old contents and content research.


MarketMuse offers a free trial of 30-days before starting a subscription. There is no mention of pricing on their website. This means you need to contact the sales team further.

MarketMuse lowest plan starts at $399/month and up to $1500/month. Considering the features of MarketMuse which is almost similar to Frase, I would choose the Frase lifetime deal of just $69.

3.  Clearscope

Clearscope is a powerful SEO tool used by medium-sized content agencies. It offers content optimization and keyword research and scans your content for LSI keywords.


  • It offers keyword research and Semantic SEO research. It filters out the keywords with various filters. But, do not trust their data!
  • Find out the most relevant competitors and optimize the content accordingly.
  • The content editor of Clearscope works much the same way as the Surfer SEO content editor (but certainly not the accurate)!


Clearscope does not offer a free trial. It does not have a free version either.

It offers a basic plan that starts at $350 per month. That’s pretty much for an SEO tool !

4.  SEMRush

SEMRush is a top-notch SEO tool and it is one of the most reliable one in the industry.

And, to compare with Frase, I would consider Frase has limited features because it is still a newbie.


  • Keyword Gap: You can find out the missing keywords in your content in comparison to five competitors.
  • Topic Research: Like the Frase’ content creation, SEMRush uses the topic research feature to give out the content for your website. Just enter the topic of your research and SEMRush will analyze the best content that resonates with audience.
  • SEO Content Template: Another feature that is much similar to Frase, SEMRush can create a quick SEO content template. Just like the Surfers SEO content editor, it analyzes the top competitors and helps you create best content using various metrics.


SEMRush gives a forever free plan, but that is limited and can be used only by an individual.

If you want to upgrade, SEMRush offers four plans:

  • Pro plan ($99.96/month)
  • Guru ($199.95/month)
  • Business ($399.95/month)

It may be a great option for the large enterprises, but certainly not the best one for small and medium businesses.

5. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is the most popular SEO and content marketing tool. It is considered as the most accurate SEO tool. With features like keyword research, Site explorer and Site audit, Ahrefs is a gold mine for SEO.

Its latest feature is Content Gap which is an effective content creation tool. With Content Gap, you can analyse the top competitors and compare them with your content. However, Ahrefs does not have a content editor and it also lacks the TF-IDF optimization.

Thus, the content gap feature in Ahrefs is only limited to the missing keywords.


Ahrefs costs dearly when compared with tools like Frase. It has a 7-day trial for $7. After the free trial, the basic plan costs $99/month. It has three other plans:

-Standard Plan ($179/month)

-Advance Plan ($399/month)

-Agency ($999/month)

The Final Verdict:

Do I Recommend Frase?

Obviously Yes! With advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning, tools like Frase can be a great weapon for marketers to create winning content.

Frase reduces the research time, cuts off the efforts for manual search and above all, it is the cheapest SEO tool out there. Comparing it with other content marketing tools, Frase might lack some of the features that are not of utter importance.  

Frase Review


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