Glorify Review – Best ECommerce Graphic Design Tool?

Glorifyapp Review

I have recently purchased Glorify App Lifetime deal two weeks back. I already have Canva pro license and Crello designing software.

Initially, it looked like just an another Black Friday deal. Because of the Background remover option, I have decided to try trial to check its features.

And as it is lifetime deal, I don’t have to pay monthly charges for other designing tools. Here are my thoughts about the tool

By the end of the Glorify App review, you will get a clear idea of how it works and is it really worth investing in?

What Is Glorify?

Glorify is a Ecom graphic design tool. It lets you design high quality product images without the help of a professional designer. Well, not just product images, you can also create social media designs, product promotion materials, eBooks, Logos, and more!

Who is it for?

This software is mainly developed for ecommerce product designers. The founder Mr.Omar was in Ecom business and selling various products in dropshipping and POD. 

Since he was a graphic designer himself, he was designing his own product portfolios. Then he started designing for many other Acom businesses. But innovators don’t just stop there, they always chase new problems to solve. 

When he understood that the existing designing tools like Canva or Crello is not helping the ecommerce business, he decided to create one to help everyone at the same time.primarily

What I liked most?

I started as a graphic designer and then moved to SEO and all Digital marketing services. I still like to design on my own whenever possible because I enjoy working with colors. 

But the problem is, I keep changing colors, fonts and layout and never used to get satisfied on the final output.

They have the color pallette option. This has the set of pre-defined color combinations. Once you have completed designing your first template, you can just click on color palate to see how it looks with different color combinations. The suggestions are really good. 

Lets look at the some of the other features.


There are so many templates to choose from

Template Bundle

Every template we create get's produced into a bundle

Important Options

Below are the design features that will help you to beautify your product

Template Sizes

Template sizes for all the platforms

Stock Graphics

Integration with many stock graphics

Background Removal Tool

Glorify Background Remover tool

Glorifyapp Lifetime Deal Pricing

I have purchased Solo plan. Choose the best plan for your need.

GlorifyApp Black Friday Deal Promo

Background Story

When investing in a lifetime deal, it is always important to check

Who is behind the business?

How big is the team?

How responsive is the support? and

What is on their product roadmap?

I attended the webinar conducted by the founder himself and it looked very promising. He explained the journey and functioning of the tool. They launched their first edition in 2019 with 5000 early adopters. In one year they have developed a lot with lot of cool features and what we are getting is version 2.0 which is very advanced and more designer friendly.

Why did I Purchase??

I am not into ecom business but still I bought it because there are many other features that looks better than other graphic designing softwares. And I have the trust in the founder and the whole team behind it. I dont know about the lifetime deal market, I have lost so many deals that came in 2018 and 2019. So I dont want to miss this good deal in 2020. This is going to be one of the good investment for me.

Final Thoughts

Great app and an excellent tool for my e-commerce business that will save so many hours

If you are selling on Amazon, Shopify or doing ecommerce business, this is a must buy tool.

Background removal works as expected and you no longer have to pay the designer to do it in the Photoshop

Design templates are excellent quality, professional and unique

Roadmap looks very promising and can expect many prominent features in the future

This will help the sellers to sell more and bring great products to their customers.

Grab GlorifyApp Lifetime Deal

Glorifyapp Review


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