GroupBoss Review: Collect Email Leads from your Facebook Group

Groupboss Review

If you own a Facebook group but don’t know how to collect leads from them automatically? 

If you were trying to find software, where there was no need for any copy-pasting data of your group member details, the Groupboss app will take care of everything within minutes. 

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What is Groupboss App?

Groupboss SAAS Tool is the first and foremost app for collecting data directly from Facebook group and send the data to email autoresponders automatically. 

Groupboss collects emails from Facebook groups and exports the members details automatically to our Google Spreadsheet. 

You can save your time and automate the process of collecting your member’s details in a smarter way! 

Features & Benefits:

  1. Members data stored automatically to Google Spreadsheet while approving members request to join.
  2. Data will be directly transferred to Email autoresponder without any third party Plugins like Zapier
  3. Groupboss can create custom FB audience from your Facebook Group members list automatically 
  4. You can improve your sales by lead nurturing through email marketing tools 
  5. Run Facebook ads from Groupboss created Facebook custom audience and create a lookalike audience. From this method, you can reach target customers very easily.
  6. Even though your Facebook group member left the group after some time, you will still have their email address which you can use it to target the customer later
  7. One of the easiest and modern lead generation method for your business
  8. You can approve Facebook member request very quickly
  9. You can use this tool for any number of groups without limits.
  10. You can setup this Groupboss configuration within minutes
  11. Download Facebook group members data anytime without any issues


It will only work with Google Chrome 

You cannot approve group members request from Facebook Mobile App

Groupboss Integration:

Groupboss integrates well with all the major email marketing tools like,

  • MailChimp
  • ActiveCampaign
  • GetResponse
  • ConvertKit
  • Sendfox
  • Moosend

Approval Process:

In the Facebook group admin interface, you have the option to approve group members easily.

‘Approve by Groupboss' or ‘Approve all via Groupboss'. 

Groupboss Pricing:

Groupboss lifetime deal offers running now for a price of $287.

You can,

  • Collect Leads from Unlimited Facebook Group
  • Save all Facebook group members answers
  • Unlimited Autoresponder integration
  • Unlimited Phone support
  • Access to an exclusive community
  • Free Training
  • Lifetime updates
  • Export emails for custom audience

They also have 14 days refund policy. If you do not like Groupboss app within that period, they will refund your full amount.


I found this app very useful to collect emails from Facebook groups and download Facebook group leads for better business reach. 

Easy option to generate leads through Facebook groups. 

Email autoresponder automation without a third-party tool is an added advantage.

Records are always available in Google spreadsheets as a back-up. As Facebook application automatically deletes the data once the client responds, Groupboss directly stores the information.

Lifetime deal is running with unlimited group usage

Groupboss is the only solution right now for the automation of lead generation from Facebook group. 

Never miss out on a lifetime deal opportunity to generate leads through Facebook groups. 

Groupboss Review
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