Jasperai Review 2022 – Best AI Copywriter Software?

Jarvis ai Review

If you are a copywriter like me irrespective of any niche, you would agree with me that creating content isn’t a cakewalk. Well, It takes me around a week to create content of 5,000 words.

Like me, you might face situations when you have no ideas in your mind and you are just staring at the blank page. Well, That’s what we call writer’s block.

Content Marketing is the heart of any business and your content forms the cornerstone of great sales. Is your content relevant enough to the audience? Does it serve the buyer’s journey?

If not, what’s the use of wasting hours in writing content? That’s when an AI-generator writer tool can help. In my case, I would consider my favorite as the Jarvis ai (Conversion AI is now Jarvis AI).

It is a highly innovative app that helps you write creative content that converts well without wasting your precious hours.

Be it the content scripts for your YouTube channel or the product description about your dropship store or the email at any funnel level, Jarvisai has turned out to be my right-hand tool.

I was even skeptical about using the AI-writing assistant tools before this tool because I had heard some hefty claims which turned out to be sham. With the introduction of GPT-3 AI and Machine learning, Jarvis AI gave me some confidence to give it a shot!

It saved me hours of research without compromising on the quality. The generated content was as good as mine and I could find merely 1 or 2 sentences to align with my audience.

In this Jasper review, I have shared the details of its features, benefits, and how you can leverage Jarvis to maximize your efficiency and save time.

What is Jasper?

What is Jarvis ai

Jasper AI is a GPT-3 technology-based AI copywriting tool that creates a human-like text every time. It gives the reference of Jarvis- the avenger, for creating a generated text.

This tool was founded by Dave Rogenmoser and Chris Hull who are developers as well as marketers. Hence, they understand the writer’s block pretty well and are aware of how content can be pivotal for business.

The best thing about this tool is that they don’t make any false claims that the created content is a sure final shot and you need no hard work.

Not at all, the team itself says that they complete 80% of your task but you are still going to take the output from them and beef them to create an amazing sales copy.

In a nutshell, Jarvis.Ai solves these problems for you:

  • Solves the problem of writer’s block.
  • Create engaging content for the audience by enhancing its quality.
  • Translate your content into different languages for multilingual sites.
  •  Generate as many views capturing the tags and headlines.
  • Generating the high quality content that replaces the human brain and saves costs on expensive writers.

What makes it different from the other AI-assistant tools is that it uses the modern GPT-3 (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3’) technology which is the latest addition to deep learning.

GPT-4 is yet another great model for deep learning.

Who Is Behind Jarvis AI?

Jarvis AI is a product that is founded by the team UseProof. This tool provides users with social proof notifications that help website owners increase conversions, sales and generate leads.

Dave Rogenmoser as the CEO of JarvisAI leads the other smart brains like Austin Distel, John Philip Morgan, Chris Hull, Megan Johnson, and James Morgan.

Who Is Jarvis AI Perfect Fit For?

Who Is Conversion.AI Perfect Fit For

As I said, Jarvis AI is not just limited to content writers. It can create amazing sales copy, Ads copy or long or short-form content for all types of users.

I would get straight to the point. I agree that not everyone is a great content curator. However, the need for engaging content has increased drastically for everyone.

So, I would rather say that Jarvis is for everyone who wants their words to reach out to their customers about the products or the services.

Some of the users for which Jarvis can become their right hand include:


Entrepreneurs who are not on a budget to hire a professional writer for promoting their products. They can use AI technology to create the best content for their business so that they can target only the most potential audiences.

Paid Ad Agencies:

If you are a copywriter who writes for the paid advertising campaigns, this tool can be a real game-changer for you. And, writer’s block is prevalent in the advertising space specifically.

Jarvisai is a perfect tool for creating the Ad copy for your Google Ads, Facebook Ads or the direct response marketing copy for the pay-per-click efforts.

Content Writers:

This is a real gold mine for bloggers and content creators like me. Well, you might waste hours in writer’s block and that’s the most frustrating part of being a content writer.

Conversion AI has four different skills for writers that makes my life easier. One of the best frameworks is the Blog Post ideas and Blog Post Outline. You can just enter into this tool, type in your ideas and get the SEO optimized content done for you.

Jarvis can create blog posts, blog outlines, write headlines and meta-descriptions for you.

Marketing Agencies:

Marketing Agencies may have various needs such as creating long-form sales content, video sales letter, sales copy and other types of long and short-form copies that are significant for the marketers.

If you are running out of time and the deadline is approaching, this tool can create an amazing copy for you in no time. For this purpose, Jarvis ai has two frameworks; AIDA and the problem-agitate solution framework about which I have discussed below.

eCommerce Store Owners

Ecommerce owners will love this tool as it has various skills hidden under this gem. Jarvis splits out the perfect SEO-optimized product descriptions, Amazon product descriptions using its AI technology.

This is a big plus for the funnel builders as well. If you have something to sell on Amazon, the Amazon product description skills are surely your best friend. One of the main USPs for Amazon sellers is that they can choose to create content in bullets or paragraphs for them.

Email Marketers:

Money is on the list.  A persuasive email is one of the best ways to thrive in your online business.

Well, the developers at  JarvisAi understand it well.

What’s the use of writing an email copy that does not open or goes unnoticed by the subscribers.

Thus, Jarvis comes with three different frameworks that create a compelling email subject, drive clicks and also generate more sales.

Inside your email, the reader shouldn’t feel stranded or they might leave without tracking any actions. Jarvis uses persuasive bullet points and sprinkles them throughout your email copy of the blog or the video content so that the email gets read till the end.

I have used this tool for writing an email copy for my business and it aligns perfectly with my requirements.

Website owners:

For the website owners, Jarvis has a special skill to carve out the best headline and subheadings for your business site.

This can be most utilized in creating a compelling headline for your sales landing page by creating a call to action button, creating headlines, and using persuasive bullet points that convert the visitors into your leads down the sales funnel.

If you feel that your content is boring and lacks emotions, the content improvement skill by Jarvis can evoke emotions and improve the flow of sentences at the same time.

Video Marketing:

Jarvis comes with cool features for video marketers as well. It writes a compelling video description, creates video outlines, suggests the video title or even video hook and introduction.

Further, the video description is crafted in such a way that it can pass the organic traffic to the YouTube searches by using the SEO-optimized keywords.

Social Media Professionals:

Be it any social media platform, Jarvis has a skill set for all. I find it hard to write an engaging Facebook Ad headline or ad text every time.

Jarvis.AI has a Facebook headline generator and Ad text generator for writing amazing ad copies. Besides this, the AI also generates the perfect photo captions for your Instagram posts.

Not to forget, it can be a great tool for writing your personal or company bio on LinkedIn. You can choose persuasive bullet points to create scroll-stopping bios.

If you are someone who wants to gain recognition in Quora, you can use their Quora Answer skill to generate content that is human-like text and gives a personal touch to the answers.

SEO Experts: 

SEOs would love Jarvis because it reduces their efforts and brings a whole innovation to the SEO campaigns. Jarvis has four different skills for creating a compelling SEO copy.

To rank your homepage in the SERPs, they have SEO Homepage skills with titles and meta descriptions.

Further, there is a separate skill for creating the SEO product descriptions and SEO service descriptions that can make the difference. This will save a lot of time for digital marketing agencies that have many clients.

Affiliate Marketers: 

A quality copy plays a key role in affiliate marketing campaigns. An AI writing tool can help the affiliate marketer to lower the typical workload by quite a lot.

With the help of AI copywriting software, they can easily do split testing to determine which campaign has the most potential.

Affiliate marketers spend a lot of money on running ads to get more leads in their marketing campaigns. An effective conversion optimization strategy will result in higher conversion rates.

With Jarvis.AI, they can create stunning copies in just a few clicks.

Get Jarvis AI 5 Days Free Trial

Benefits of Using Jasper

Jarvisai like tools have reduced hours of brainstorming and saved costs on hiring a professional content writer. The GPT-3 technology has come up on the top that works in tandem with a highly professional team of content writers creating a perfect copy for you.

I have found various benefits of using Jarvis.ai as my writing assistant tool:

  • End Writer’s Block: I hate staring blankly at the laptop screen while my ideas run into another world. Writer’s block is an annoying thing for most content writers. Well, Jarvis assists me in writing a professional-looking copy that converts well while being engaging at the same time. It has also helped me get some good ideas while I write content on my own.
  • Save Hours Writing Original and Clever Content: I usually take around 10 days to create long-form content of up to 5,000 words. After the content creation, you will spend a few more hours revising the same content. Jarvis.AI potentially reduced my efforts and my time up to 7 times with the help of long form assistant feature.
  • Generate Dozens of Headlines: All you need is to input the small intro about your product and this AI tool will generate the best possible and most relevant headline for you.
  • Adjust the Tone of your Brand’s voice: Do you want funny content or a smarter way to promote your product? That’s what Jarvis.AI is accustomed to.Well, the best part is that you can give any tone to your content with this tool. The reason why the company calls it Jarvis is because it can create content in any tone despite being a machine-generated system.
  •  Translate your content to 11+ languages: Jarvis talks in 11 languages. Well, just paste the content into your editor and it will automatically convert into 11 different languages irrespective of the content type.
  • Perfect Grammar:  You need no grammar tools like Grammarly after the completion of your article. Jarvis.AI corrects the grammatical mistakes, improves structure and sentence flows throughout the document.
  • Simple To Use: The best part is that this tool is perfect for newbies. It is easy to set up and get started. You can paste your content, choose the content type and voila it’s done!

How Jasper AI Works?

As you log in to the Jarvis ai app a.k.a. Bot named Jarvis, you will be greeted with a clean user interface.

Here, you will have over 35 templates or skills to choose from. I have shared each of these templates in the later section.

  1. Choose the desired skill

Out of these templates, let’s say, I chose the AIDA framework or skill. AIDA skill means Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. This template works on the oldest marketing strategy and is considered best for creating blog posts.

  •  Fill in the Description of your Business:

Next, fill in the company’s name and the description of your business. Let’s say you are writing it for the protein powder. And the description says; we provide quality protein powder and vitamin supplements at the most affordable prices.

Hit the ‘Generate AI Content’ and the tool will complete the remaining task for you.

  • Analyze the Generated Copy:

In a couple of minutes, Jarvis AI will generate content that a human brain will take days to create. It takes the edge over the human brain in various areas.

These include the quick creation of sentences and their flow, use of grammar and lastly, Jarvis uses the pain points to create the content that satisfies the user intent.

Jasper AI Templates:

When I was writing this review, there were a total of 36 templates. I could find every type of template for my website, emails, social media, and the paid campaigns.

I didn’t try all of these templates but my testing with most of these templates was successful.

AIDA Framework:

This is the oldest marketing strategy for writers and marketers around the world. AIDA refers to Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. It is one of the most common frameworks for Conversion users as it creates actionable descriptions by using hooks.

Let's check how AIDA framework in Jarvis.ai by giving the below input

ConversionAI AIDA Framework Content

 The output is quite impressive as you can see below. We get 3 outputs every time we click the ‘Generate AI Content' button. I have just shared one output below and other outputs are equally good as this one.

ConversionAI AIDA Content Output

Problem-Agitate-Solution (PAS) Framework

PAS framework is the modern method that is used in the advertising space actively. This type of framework generates the content based on the research groups and surveys or feedback of the target groups.

Let's check how PAS framework in JarvisAI by giving the below input

ConversionAI PAS Framework Content Input

Here is a screenshot of the output. I'm pleased with the results

ConversionAI PAS Framework Content Output

This framework is the best when you want to generate fresh ideas for your content with high competition and focus on sales.

Product Description:

If you are an eCommerce owner, you would surely need the product description skill. With this, you can write a compelling product description for your eCommerce or Dropshipping store.

I am providing the below input to check, how good is the Product description.

ConversionAI Product Description Input

You can see the output below.

ConversionAI Product Description Output

You don’t need to hire an expensive team of writers to create a product description for your eCommerce store. This is a major boost to your online sales. 

Content Improver:

Content Improver works much the same way as the spinning tool. This tool can be used if you want to make and improve your content better.

Content Improver Input

ConversionAI Content Improver

Content Improver Output

ConversionAI Content Improver quality

Thus, you can add more content or improve your existing content with better use of words and improvement in sentence flow.

Creative Story:

If you are a story writer or want your content to start with a creative story, this template is meant for you.

I started a simple bed time story for the children and asked Jarvis to continue the story. I liked the version, you can see it for yourself.

Creative Story Input

ConversionAI Creative Story Input

Creative Story Output

ConversionAI Creative Story Quality

If you publish books or sell them use Amazon, you would love this feature.

Blog Post Topic Ideas:

To get the blog post topic ideas you need to enter the product description, audience type and the tone of the audience. Jarvis will suggest some really great topics to write about. You can see the results below.


Blog Post Topic Idea Generator


Blog Post Topic Idea Output ConversionAI

As you can see, the output looks fine but not that great. Being a SEO professional, I prefer to look for my competitor's blog topic as it can give you a wide list of blog topic ideas. For someone who is new to digital marketing, this feature can be helpful.

Blog Post Outline:

After you have the topic, you want to write better content. And, this could only be possible with the help of the Blog Outline template.

With this template, you will be sure of what you want to include in the content to make it better among the others.

Lets check the Blog Post outline feature by giving the below inputs in the field. Luckily, I just have to fill only two boxes.

Blog Post Outline Generator ConversionAI

You can see the output below. There are 6 outlines for every output. About 3 to 4 outline recommendations looks good to me. If you want more, you can go for more outputs which can give you plenty of headlines to choose.

Blog Post Outline Generator ConversionAI

Blog Post Intro Paragraph

I find this template a life-saver for me. I mostly face writer’s block at the beginning or when introducing my product. Now let's look into it.


Blog Post Intro ConversionAI


Blog Post Intro Creator ConversionAI

For me, the Blog Post template creates the most catchy and interesting intros that are similar to what a professional content writer would write. It is hard to differentiate between the BOT and human-like text.

Sentence Expander:

If your sentences are shorter and you want to make it a little big and conversational, Sentence expander would do the trick for you. We'll have a look at it now.


Sentence Expander ConversionAI


Sentence Expander Output ConversionAI

Feature To Benefit:

If you want to highlight the features and benefits of your product in a better way that solves the pain points of your audience, this template can be your best friend. All you need is to paste the product feature into the box and Jarvis will generate the most engaging features and benefits considering your pain points.

Facebook Ad Headline & Primary Text:

Conversion.AI (Now Jarvis) also works in creating the most compelling Facebook Ad Headline and Primary text. I use this tool often to write Facebook Ads Headline and primary text for my clients.

All you need is to enter the product name and product description along with the tonality of your ad copy. This template will give you several suggestions on the headline and the best primary text suggestions.

We're going to look at it now.


Facebook Ad Headline ConversionAI


Facebook Ad Headline Creator

Personal Bio:

It’s hard to define yourself in the most compelling and captivating way! Well, Jarvis Uses the personal bio template to write the captivate introduction or bio of a person. Drop-in some of your best qualities, your education qualification, and background and you will have the most noticeable bio.

Let's see if the output is of high quality


Personal Bio Writer ConversionAI


Personal Bio Writer Output ConversionAI

Company Bio:

Your company bio largely decides about what products you sell and will tell your story. Jarvis uses human-like interactive stories and bios to create the captivating company bio.

I experimented on this template for my SEO agency and the results were exceptional.

   Google Ads Headline &  Description:

These are two different templates; Google Ad Headline and Google Ad Description. You can generate the most eye-grabbing headline for your high-converting ad copy. This template gives the output suggestions for various titles out of which you can choose the most appropriate one.

After the headline, you want your ad description to be concise and clear enough for the target audience to understand your product and take actions.

SEO- Title and Meta Descriptions:

Because I am an SEO guy and I focus majorly on ranking better than others on Google, this tool is a great plus for me. 

If you want to target the specific keywords, Jarvis will give you the best title suggestions and SEO-friendly meta description for your blog post. The better your keywords used in title and meta description, the more chance it will have to rank higher on Google.

Amazon Product Features (bullets)

Product descriptions for Amazon business can make or break the deal. Hence, you need a professional copywriter to write an engaging product description.

Jarvis uses the Amazon product tool for writing the product descriptions, features and benefits in bullet points. Bullet points tend to draw reader information and also improves the ability of the reader to scan through the content easily.

Amazon Product Description (paragraph):

This tool is the same as the above one; the difference is in the style. If you want to write the product description in paragraph form, you must use this tool.

When writing copy for the product description in Amazon, make sure to know about the product and find which style converts better.

Real Estate Listing – Residential:

Real estate is a competitive niche and getting noticed by the customers can be a daunting task. Well, Jarvis creates captivating and creative real estate listings that sell homes quickly.

Perfect Handline:

JarvisAI uses the formulas from the trained copywriters that will create the best possible headlines for your business. It is highly focused on creating the best content targeted at creating a high converting copy that does better than the others.

Website Sub-Headline:

Jarvis is tailored for creating a delightful sub-heading (H2) for your business website or landing pages. 

This AI-based tool uses deep learning technology to write informative subheadings (H2) and beyond that.

Engaging Questions

Questions can arouse more curiosity among the audience. Jarvis generates the most creative questions to create user interaction and increase in traffic.

Quora Answers:

You can gain the audience's trust and build your brand when you are most active on Quora. Answering the questions that are most relevant to your industry will build your reputation as an expert.

Photo Post Captions

If you are an influencer on Instagram, Jarvis will curate the best caption on your photo. All you need is to write your photo description in a few words and what it is about.

I personally love this formula by Jarvis which helps me create catchy captions for my brand.

Short Social Posts:

Jarvis ai can also be creative with short social media posts that are around 140 words. Such posts are specifically for Twitter. Hence, Jarvis knows how to be creative with the least words.

Ridiculous Marketing Ideas

If you want to put some humor into content as a part of the marketing strategy, Jarvis will give you wings. The tool will suggest the most ridiculous marketing ideas like throwing a metal ball at a car window.

 Marketing Angles

This is indeed one of the best tools if you are an individual or don’t have a large team. Basically, Jarvis does the brainstorming for you to find ways to promote a product or service.

If you are running out of ideas, this tool will suggest the best ways to promote the ideas for your services/products. For example, I have a client who wants ideas for managing their healthcare staff with healthcare scheduling software.

Once I put the keyword in this template, Jarvis gave me the following suggestions:

  • We take the pain out of managing your hospital staff and run it efficiently.
  • We allow easy scheduling, payment and staff management in one place.
  • Our software is backed by trainers and a friendly team that answers the questions you may have.

Persuasive bullet points

Jarvis creates the most eye-grabbing bullet points for your emails, landing pages, and other web materials.

Video Topic Ideas:

Running out of your video ideas is the most frustrating part. Well, you need a brainstorming partner? Jarvis gives you the best video topics for your YouTube channel.

Email Subject Lines

Email subject is the first thing that will entice readers to open the email. Jarvis creates the most creative and incredible email subject line that entices your readers to open the email.

Video Script Outline:

Create the YouTube video scripts outline for your YouTube videos. It works best for the Listicle and “How to” videos. Jarvis creates the most creative video scripts for any type of video.

Video Titles

Get the most catchy and click-worthy titles for YouTube videos. With Jarvis, you will get the most relevant suggestions on the YouTube videos of your specific niche.

   Video Script Hook and Introduction

You can also generate a YouTube video script that creates a hook and captures your viewer’s attention. Jarvis’ AI generates the most attractive introduction for your YouTube video channel.

Video Description

Jarvis creates unique video descriptions for your YouTube videos that help rank well on YouTube. These video descriptions are SEO-friendly which in turn will bring in more organic traffic.

Explain It To A Child:

Complex sentences tend to reduce the viewer’s attention and turn them back. This might even hurt your sales.

Jarvis changes the complex sentences into the easiest sentences so that it becomes easier to understand and read for the viewers.

Review Responder

If you get tons of reviews on sites such as G2, Capterra and Trustpilot and you are short of time to respond to these reviews. 

Jarvis will create professional and stunning responses to the reviews which you can paste into the user’s reviews.

Jasper Free Trial

Jasper gives a 5-day free trial for 10,000 words. However, you will have to subscribe to the Pro or Starter plan before claiming the free trial. You can cancel your free trial before 5-days if you are unsatisfied with the products.

Try Jarvisai Free Trial

Jasper Pricing:

ConversionAI Pricing

There are two pricing plans that are offered by Javis.Ai. Because it’s pretty new in the market, the plans are quite affordable. You wouldn’t even reach the monthly limit of words with the plan subscription.

Starter Plan costs $29/month:

This plan is best for short-form copy such as headlines, descriptions, and bios. This plan will generate around 20,000 words in a month.

This plan offers collaboration with unlimited users and the projects can be created into 5 different folders. 

Pro Plan costs $109/month:

The Pro plan is an unlimited plan if you have more than 20,000 words requirement in a month. Pro plan gives unlimited words and supports the long-form content assistant such as for ebooks and long-form blogs.

It offers a 7-day Money Back guarantee with a 100% refund.

If your limit has been exhausted, you can add 5000 words to your plan by paying $10/month extra. This price is applicable till Jarvis.ai will reach 1000 paid users.

Try Jarvisai Free Trial

Long Form Content Assistant with Jasper

Jorvis.Ai is my favourite tool when it comes to creating long-form content of more than 2,000 words or even the 10,000 words long eBooks. Now, I agree that some human editing is still required while you generate the blog posts, but you can save hours in writing the content that can benefit you in the long term.

All you need is to input a few words into this editor and choose the number of desired words, Jarvis will give you the output of long-form content. The best part is that it integrates with SEO Surfer that you don’t have to worry about SEO optimization.

I have tried this long-form content generator and it gave me mixed results. The drawback is you will have to put some effort into editing your content because some of the content that I generated was irrelevant to my requirements.

I wanted to write a review about an automation tool. So, I gave the following inputs in Long form content creator in JarvisAI.

ConversionAI Long form content

The output is pretty impressive which you can see below.

ConversionAI Long form content output

I have just used 153 words to describe what I want. So if you want a better content, you should describe in detail. Because output varies based on the words we use in our description.

Overall, I think JARVIS is a pretty decent tool to generate your long-form content. Though negligible, there might be chances for grammatical errors. You must always check with the Grammar checker tools only in this case.

I found 3 or 4 errors only in my 2,000 long-form content posts. When it comes to plagiarism, you don’t have to worry about copyright. I tried to create a 5,000 word long post and checked for plagiarism using a plagiarism checker.

The document was found to be 100% unique in this case.

If you have a deadline to approach, this tool can prove to be a real goldmine for you.

Surfer SEO Integration:

SurferSEO is my favourite tool for doing On-Page SEO analysis. It comes with SERP Analyzer and Content editor tools.

JARVIS integrates with Surfer SEO so that you don’t have to worry about the On-Page SEO optimization of the generated content.

You will get unlimited content that’s not plagiarized, free of grammar and completely optimized for SEO in a few hours. You also get an extension with this tool that will tell you what to write in the content to make it more relevant.

Overall, JARVIS with SurferSEO can prove to be the real deal for your content marketing agency.

However, you need to have an active subscription for Surfer SEO in order to use Jarvis with it.

Jasper Support

I would consider support as one of the most important things when looking for a product to use. I have faced problems with various tools in the past and had issues connecting with their customer support.

Jarvis.AI customer support is by far the best that I have seen. It has active live chat support in the dashboard. You will also get the option for a Live Q&A answer here.

The response time for the live chat is pretty quick and the issue would get resolved within a few minutes.

Further, the support can also be requested using email support which can be seen by the team of experts in the relevant field.

The text documentation of Conversion. AI is a broad one. You will get the FAQs, knowledgebase and short articles to assist you in the use and benefits of these products. Also, the video documentation gives demos and how-to guides for creating the content.

Jasper Academy

If you are willing to learn about how JARVIS and Conversio.AI works, you should join their Academy program. You can join the webinars for training and attend live events through their academy.

You can also interact with the founders and the technical support team of Jarvis.AI to get your issue resolved.

On subscription, you will have a learn menu that gives access to various tutorials like: 

  • Write and publish your book on Amazon in seven days
  • How to best utilize the magic of Jarvis to create really good copies
  • Write long-form content Google will love.
  • How to use the pro-long-form assistant
  • How to create highly engaging Facebook ads written by Jarvis (This is what I was modelling and it’s really working)
  • Best practices to get Jarvis to write compelling marketing copy
  • Publish a book in under 72 hours.

My favourite video to watch is how to publish your book in72 hours. Well, there are tons of other videos that I have watched.

Not only for beginners, but it is also a decent training program for professionals as well.

If you are a complete beginner, I will recommend you to watch and go through every video tutorial and each of these series.

Jasper Facebook Group

Their Facebook is the most comprehensive community of copywriters, agencies, writers and video marketers. It has around 19K members with the company’s founders and other team members actively participating in it.

They can answer your questions in case of serious issues. I had few initial issues with the use and working of Jarvis. Well, Jarvis itself answered my questions.

Join Jasper Facebook Group

Pros & Cons of Jarvis AI:


  • It saves a lot of your time by using AI to create highly converting copies.
  • Write more content in hours than you would do in a month.
  • It has over 40+ templates for writing different types of content; email, long-form content and website body.
  • It improves your ROI by using high-quality copies of Ads that are basically hard to crack.
  • Translate your content to more than 11 languages.
  • It has an active Facebook community with over 19K members.
  • Academy Learning portal to get to grips with AI-written content
  • It has live chat support.
  • You can get the full refund within 7 days of subscription.
  • One of the best things is that it gives the AIDA ad PAS framework for creating the content that is most relevant and solves the pain point of your audience.


  • Some long-form content may be irrelevant but this is totally understandable with the use of AI.
  • 5-Day Free Trial would ask for the credit card details and you will have to cancel it before 5-days.

Jasper Alternatives

There are a few similar tools like Jarvis that I have used in the past, but no one comes close to this one.

Here are a few alternatives to Jarvis.ai (Conversion.Ai)

   Jasper vs CopyAI

ConversionAI vs CopyAI

I believe Copy AI is one of the best alternatives to Jarvis.ai considering the closeness in their features.

The quality of content is almost the same. The only difference between these two is that of the navigation and pricing.

Both JarvisAi, as well as CopyAI, gives a 7-day free trial to the users. They offer AIDA and PAS framework for content creation.

However, the number of templates in CopyAI are more than what JarvisAI gives. In my opinion, Conversion. AI is still a newbie and they are making frequent updates and adding more tools to stay more competitive.

Copy AI wins in terms of more translation languages. In comparison to Jarvis.Ai’s 11 languages, Copy AI can convert into 25 different languages.

When it comes to pricing, Jarvis.Ai takes the edge.

Jarvis.AI costs $29/month. I would have loved it if they offered the yearly subscription too.

On the other hand, CopyAI costs $35/month and the yearly subscription costs $420. However, the pricing plan offers an incredible value of money.

I recommend you to try either of them as both these tools are equally good at content generation.

Jasper vs Copysmith

ConversionAI vs Copysmith

Copysmith is yet another amazing alternative to Jarvis.AI. I have tried Copysmith in the past and it gave me a pretty good result.

Copysmith generates automatic unique content for me every time. It has a plagiarism checker which ConversionAI (now Jarvis) does not give. If you have a multilingual website, you must go for Copysmith.

It offers translation in over 100 languages as compared to Jarvis.AI's 11 languages. Jarvis AI gives the SEO tool integration with SurferSEO whereas Copysmith does not give any such integration.

In terms of the number of templates; Jarvis.AI wins. It has 40 templates as compared to Copysmith’s 30 tools.

Further, Copysmith gives a chrome extension whereas Jarvis.AI does not.

In terms of pricing, Jarvis.AI is more affordable and I find it easier to use than Copysmith’s interface.

Though Copysmith has three basic plans and offers a free trial without a credit card, it has fewer functionalities in its basic plan that is around $19/month.

Jasper vs ShortlyAi

ConversionAI vs ShortlyAI

ShortlyAi is an easy to use copywriting tool for beginners. It offers a free trial of around 2000 words.

If you enjoy simple and minimal UI, then Shortly Ai is the best choice to generate automated content. This is like a blank slate where you can generate the long-form content or the sales and ad copies.

On the right side, enter the main keywords and tell Shortly how much content do you expect from them. The tool will generate the content for each subtopic separately.

One of the USPs of this tool is the short commands. Once you have mastered this tool, you will realise how worthy this tool can be with the use of short commands.

So, you can highlight the portion of your content and type the commands for AI. For example, you can type the command to instruct about writing the headlines. Other commands include rewrite, shorten and expand commands respectively.

What I liked in Shortly is that you have complete control over the words you use. You can choose to have more or fewer words of the same type in the content with the commands.

 For example: /instruct

Using such commands, you will more likely use the word ‘Sky’ and less likely use the word ‘roads’.

Thus, you have complete control over the use of words with commands like;

  • ++ = slightly more likely to use this word.
  • +++ = a lot more likely to use this word.
  • — = slightly less likely to use this word.
  • — = this word will definitely not be used.

Now, such commands are not available in Jarvis.AI or any of the tool. But, I think Shorty.Ai is a versatile tool and has a somewhat different UI than other AI copywriting tools.

Further, the Shortly AI integrates seamlessly with Grammarly.

Shortly has a monthly plan that comes for $79 /month whereas the annual subscription would cost around $65/month. But, the prices might change soon.

Because ShortlyAi has been acquired by Jarvis.AI now. Yes! That’s the latest news.

Jasper Acquires ShortlyAI

We got to know that the Shortly was acquired by Jarvis.AI recently. Soon, the founder of Shortly Qasim Munye and Conversion.Ai CEO Dave confirmed it.

Here is what the Jarvis.AI founder says about acquiring the ShortlyAi:

“Over the last few months, I've gotten to know Qasim, the founder of Shortly. He's a great guy, with a great product. After several conversations, we decided it made sense to add Shortly to Jarvis Nation to help us build an even better product for you.

Shortly does a great job of helping users write long-form content using a minimalist interface.

We plan to bring some of their powerful functionality over into our tool that will help you get MUCH better outputs in the long-form editor in particular. You'll be blown away.

We'll announce more on June 29th at the launch party!”

Seems like ShortlyAI will have more features to it and we might even see the rise in pricing. Shortly is expected to be introduced with the Jarvis.AI bot JARVIS which is a major breakthrough.

In my opinion, this tool will be a great fit for all types of entrepreneurs and marketers.

Try Shortlyai Free Trial

Jasper Lifetime Deal Alternatives:

One of the questions that users often ask is- “Does Conversionn.Ai offer a lifetime deal?” (Even, I searched for it.)

Sadly, there is no Jarvis Ai lifetime deal. So, don’t waste your time searching for JarvisAI Appsumo Deals, Jarvis ai LTDs or JarvisAI Lifetime pricing.

Instead, I have shared some of the best lifetime deals on copywriting tools like Jarvis.AI.

Jasper vs Closerscopy

ClosersCopy is an AI-based tool that is a writing assistant for many purposes.

It offers templates for sales copy, email copy and product descriptions including the video description posts.

Closerscopy offers up to 1000 power words lookup to be used in the article that makes it more meaningful. Further, it offers thesaurus lookup to create relevant texts.

ClosersCopy gives a lifetime deal for $129 and an Unlimited plan for $197 (One-Time payment).

Get Lifetime Access to Closerscopy (Use 20% OFF Coupon: SHORTLY20)

Jasper vs Nichesss

Nichesss is a unique tool that finds the profitable niche and materials for you. It generates the business idea with the appropriate marketing copies. You can create unique social media posts and posts that can be used on Reddit and ProductHunt.

Nichesss gives a monthly subscription of $19/month whereas the lifetime deal on Appsumo is worth $59.

Jasper vs Writesonic

WriteSonic is another AI assistant for generating unique copies of emails, blogs and articles as well for social media posts. It is an affordable tool for the new writers and with spin content, grammar fix, Blog Ideas and other similar features to Jarvis.AI.

However, you would never know that on what basis, they are deducting the credits. The normal pricing for Writesonic starts at $8/mo with 75 credits.

WriteSonic LTD is available at $59 with 40 credits per month.

Jasper vs Smartwriter

Smartwriter is a cool AI assistant that creates outreach emails and outreach messages to get more response. It is best suited for email marketers and if you are looking to crack the deal on Linkedin.

Smartwriter also offers the Lifetime access for just $59.

Jasper vs Autowriter

Autowriter creates unique product descriptions, sales copy and Ads copy in autopilot mode. They produce original content throughout with accurate use of languages.

Autowriter gives a monthly subscription of $29 with unlimited credits and $239 for the yearly subscription. You can get their lifetime deal for $49 on Appsumo and Dealmirror.

Jasper vs Rytr

For $29/month or $290/year, Rytr gives you the best writing assistance for around 20 use cases such as Blog Outline, Intro, Video Outline, Video Description, Headline and Subheadings, Job Description and others.

The translation is available in 15+ languages.

The special catch is the lifetime deal of Rytr which is available on Appsumo for $39. It gives 50,000 credits per month.

Jasper vs NeuralText

NeuralText automates your writing process and saves you tons of effort and time. It offers the keyword research feature along with the content editor.

The Content Grader in NeuralText optimizes your content and increases the chances to rank for a search term. Similar to Jarvis.AI, NeuralText gives you long-form content with every nitty-gritty of the product or service.

The normal pricing for NeuralText is available at $49/month with 60 content briefs.The Appsumo deal for NeuralText is going to be live soon at $69 for one-time.

If you need an unlimited content brief with priority support, this deal is available at $139.

Jasper vs ContentVillain

ContentVillain is an AI-based power content generator that creates social media ad posts, writes business emails, and creates robust property listing and rentals text. Content Villain gives 50 generated models for different use cases.

It offers integration with Zapier and custom webhook integration along with Pabbly and Integromat.

ContentVillain offers three pricing plans; the Basic plan starts with $15/month, the Warrior plan at $49/mo and the Power user plan at $79/month. You can also get their yearly subscription.

The best catch is their Appsumo lifetime deal for $179 with unlimited credits and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Jasper vs ContentBot

ContentBot is as good as Jarvis.AI in terms of the templates it offers. This AI generator tool has over 25+ such tools for creating landing page copy, email copy and product description as well as the SEO blog descriptions.

Their lifetime deal is available at AppSumo for $49 where as normally, it costs $29/month.

Jasper vs PepperType

PepperType is a virtual content assistant writer tool that creates various types of ad copy ideas. These include sales ads, FB ads, Instagram captions, Google Ads and interactive Linkedin posts.

One of the USPs is that you can generate ad ideas for Linkedin as well. The monthly pricing for Peppertype comes at $35/month and their Team Plan comes for $199/month.

Jasper vs GoCopy

GoCopy is a go-to tool for beginners. It is a free writing assistant tool that offers a sleek interface and has an easy to use editor.

It creates automated content for writing a blog post, an email, or a social media ad, and other types of materials. You would get priority support along with support from the official community of marketers and bloggers.


In my opinion, Jasper is the need of the hour for the content writers. Content marketing is growing day by day and needs an intelligence tool to write faster.

Any tool is not perfect enough to generate the content that is ready to publish. After using many content writing tools and finally sticking to Jarvis.Ai, I am confident to say that this tool is close to perfection.

You can’t use all the 40 templates but even using 10 templates will give you incredible value for money.

Need more reasons to trust? JarvisAi has over 10,000+ users including copywriters, agencies and entrepreneurs and above all, it is easy to get started with.

Go grab the Jasper free trial for 5-days and start using it now!


What other languages does Jasper support?

Jasper translates into 11+ Languages including English, French German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Russian, and Japanese. Some languages are only accessible with Pro plan.

What are the best alternatives to Jasper?

Copy.AI and Shortlyai are the best alternatives to Jasper as both these tools give high-quality content for a fair price.

Is there a coupon code for Jasper?

Currently, it gives no coupon codes or discounts. But, you will get a special free trial for 5-days that will give you 10,000 words using our link.

Does Jasper generate original content?

Jarvis.AI gives 100% original content and does not take the content front anywhere on the web.

Can Jasper.ai affect SEO?

Jasper.AI does not hurt your SEO in any way. Neither does it boost your SEO. However, you can do the On-Page SEO for the generated content using SurferSEO integration.

Can I use Jasper for my agency's clients?

Yes, Jasper is a great fit for agencies as well as for freelancers. It works best when your deadline is approaching. They started themselves as an agency and vest.

What's the cost of Jasper?

Jasper costs around $29/month with limited features. If you want to get unlimited content and support for long-form assistants, you must get the Pro unlimited plan for $109/month.

Can Jasper produce long-form content?

Yes. Jasper produces long-form content of up to 2,000 words to 10,000 words. It is used by authors, writers, and copywriters for producing long content.

Is there a free plan for Jasper?

There is no free plan for Jasper. You will get a 5 day free trial for it.

Can AI writers completely replace copywriters?

The truth is that AI writers cannot achieve the perfection of copywriters. The intelligence tool generates the content in no time. However, you will still need to edit it manually as I have detected few issues in the generated content.

When I exceed the word limit, what happens?

In case, the word limit is exceeded, you can buy an additional quota of 5,000 words for $10.

Is Jasper a good investment?

Jasper.AI is indeed a great investment for copywriters and agencies with a large clientele. They generate tons of content in a short period of time while offering other features like the translation to different languages and 40+ templates or use cases.

With the 5-day trial, how many words will I get?

The 5-day trial gives around 10,000 words.

How to activate the Free Trial of Jasper?

Click on the link for Jasper and click on Claim 10,000 words trial button on their site. Click on the 5-Day Trial button and enter your company name and domain in the box. Choose the ‘Personal use’ button to get a free trial. Enter the card details and you will have your trial.

Is there a discount for Jasper?

Currently, there are no discounts on Jasper. But, you can check our site regularly if there is any discount here.

Can I get a Jasper lifetime deal?

Jasper offers high-quality services so their lifetime deal idea is not sustainable for such a business.

Is there a Jasper AppSumo deal?

Sadly, No. Appsumo does not offer any Jasper ai plans.

Does Jasper ai produce plagiarized content?

Jasper gives 100% original content and does not take the content front anywhere on the web.

What is the refund policy for Jasper?

Jasper offers a 7-day money-back guarantee with a 100% refund of your pricing.

Jarvis ai Review


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