One Funnel Away Challenge Review (OFA Challenge & Bonuses)

One Funnel Away Challenge Review

When I started my new online business, I was a complete newbie. However, I knew few things about the sales funnel.

But, the knowledge I had wasn’t enough to successfully start a sales funnel campaign and run my business that could skyrocket my ROI.

That’s when I started with the Clickfunnels flagship program- One Funnel Away Challenge. Now, I was skeptical about using this training course because of its pricing and the overwhelming number of courses on the Internet.

One Funnel Away Challenge could tell me the mistakes I have been committing constantly in successfully running an online business.

In this One Funnel Away Challenge review, I am not going to hype anything about this course. I would only share my experiences and things that I liked or hated about the One funnel away challenge.

What Is One Funnel Away Challenge?

One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30-day training virtual program by the ClickFunnels founder Russel Brunson.

If you have used ClickFunnels often, you might be too familiar with this name.

This challenge is going to set up the sales funnel for you from scratch even if you are a complete newbie. Now, the 30-day training program is going to transform you from a newbie marketer to an extraordinaire.

But, only if you can apply these strategies to your sales funnels and marketing campaigns.

The training program will cover three major aspects of your business:

  • Creating a Product
  • Launching the Sales Funnel
  • Driving sales by selling

The trainers are going to guide you each day through a profitable way of creating the sales funnel from scratch. Trust me, the 30-days of One Funnel Away challenge taught me various aspects of driving profits and building the sales funnel.

OFA will give you a complete breakdown of using the sales funnel through:

  • Assignments
  • Video Tutorials
  • Worksheets
  • Online Community

It could have been a fad if it was created just for making money.  However, the One Funnel Away Challenge has a large user base. Even if you are not a user of ClickFunnels, you can learn everything about setting up the sales and drive sales to make more profit. 

What is New One Funnel Away Challenge?

Russell Brunson and his team decided to come up with a few changes in the One Funnel Away Challenge. On 11th January 2021, he launched the New One Funnel Away Challenge.

There was nothing wrong with the One Funnel Away Challenge previously. The founders listened to their people and discovered the innovative new One Funnel Away Challenge 2.0 with enhanced features.

Soon after the launch of the New One Funnel Away challenge, it was joined by over 5k members.

It was due to the improvisations in the original course modules and the video tutorials. For example, instead of the pre-recorded videos, Russell will go live on the Facebook group for 30-days to teach this course.

This way, users can clear their doubts through the comments. After the live video ends, Russel will provide you with the one-pager PDFs. If you love homework and tasks, you will love this PDF.

Your task is to complete this PDF and analyze your results.

I would like to divide this challenge into three parts to make it even easier for you:

Step 1: Strategy

Everyday Russel Brunson will be going LIVE on Facebook and you can ask your questions. In the live session of 30-days, he is going to give you some winning strategies for the sales funnel. 

Step 2:  Tactics

Soon after the Facebook LIVE ends, you will receive a link for One Pager PDF task. Import the PDF page into your One Pager account and start writing the ideas that you have learnt in the day’s session.

Step 3: Training

If Facebook LIVE sessions are not enough for you, then the Live training sessions for 3-days a week would be a great start.

Here, you can ask as many doubts, questions and offers to clear up your mind. Thus, the OFA 2.0 is a no-nonsense training program that is going to give and teach you valuable content in these 30 days.

Who Is Behind the One Funnel Away Challenge?

The minds behind the creation of the One Funnel Away Challenge are Russell Bruson, Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen.

If you’ve heard of these names, you would already know how well-equipped this treasure can be. If you haven’t, I will tell you about these marketing legends.

  • Russell Brunson:  The course has created the man himself. Russell is a marketing legend with experience of 15 years who is credited for creating the concept of the sales funnel. He has various multi-million dollar businesses which he has created using the same strategies.
  • Julie Stoian: Julie is yet another renowned name in digital marketing. She has a proven track of mapping businesses to seven-figure business. Julie owns a number of business brands such as Create Your Laptop Life ®, Funnel Gorgeous ®, Digital Insiders, and more.
  • Stephen Larsen: Stephen is the third name in the One Funnel Away Challenge course. He is one of the best affiliate marketer and a seasons designer. Stephen got into the ClickFunnels in 2016 and then met Russell in 2016. In 2017, he even designed a curriculum that helped many make millions.

Who Is This Challenge For?

It is evident that the One Funnel Away Challenge is not for everyone. It can be useful for many.

One Funnel Away Challenge is a perfect choice for:

  • Small business owners who ate willing to sell their products and services.
  • For the Affiliate marketers who want to boost sales.
  • Online coaches and instructors are willing to sell their training.
  • Anyone who wants to learn the nitty-gritty about the sales funnel.
  • A newbie who is willing to learn about the sales funnel.

In a nutshell, OFA is for someone willing to drive revenue and build marketing funnels from scratch.

But, I will warn you against getting this course if you are someone:

  • Who wants a quick rich scheme.
  • Don’t want to invest money into an online business.
  • Don’t have much time to watch videos and complete tasks.

Why I Signed up for OFA Challenge?

As I said, I am sceptical about the online courses and programs on the Internet. In this case, it is hard to convince me about the legitimacy of the course and if they are worthy to me.

One of the major reasons to try out the OFA challenge is because I am a Funnel fanatic. I wanted to learn about the working of the sales funnel. I had heard thousands of stories about the successful sales funnel and how it can bring you from rags to riches.

Initially, I had researched a few good courses, but I was unsure about gaining practical skills from them.

That’s when the One Funnel Away Challenge became a game-changer for me. The main USP of the OFA challenge is the 30+ business models that were created by two comma club entrepreneurs and their videos.

Using their winning strategies could be the way to create a successful sales funnel. That’s what the experts say!

Rather than re-inventing the wheel alone, it is better to take inspiration and implement some percentage of their strategy to get your breakthrough strategy.

What Will You Learn In One Funnel Away Challenge?

The One Funnel Away Challenge stands out from others in the way as it wouldn’t waste much of your time. A full-time blogger like me would always want valuable content without a non-sensical introduction.

That’s what One Funnel Away Challenge serves for me.

The best part is that you are going to learn a new thing each day, each week. One thing I would like to know is that this is not something to rush on. A 30-day training course is definitely worth the patience and learning.

I don’t want you to fall into the vicious circle of rushing and failing. (The same mistake that many people make.)

That’s why I have divided the courses and instructions into different weeks and days.

Week 0:

This is a kind of pre-training module where Russel would make up his mind to get prepared for the 30-day challenge and how it can lead to success.

This week will remove all your negative beliefs and limiting mindset to finally overcome the challenge mentally. To me, this week was crucial because I was too sceptical to start with the sales funnel and marketing.

The pre-training module covers the following:

  • 5-Day Lead Challenge
  • To be successful
  • You are just one funnel away
  • Who… Not How

Week 1:

The first week will give you the basics of creating the sales funnel from scratch. It includes tips to research and find the value from successful marketers. You will learn to get the attention of customers with hooks and offers and sequencing.

Well, the stories sell better than the products themselves. Russel is an expert in storytelling himself.

That’s why the first week is surely not going to be missed out on.

You will learn to create products that offer better selling and marketing and hook the customers on your offer. The aim is to create a product where the customers can enter your funnel and become your customer.

Here is what Week 1 will offer you:

Day 1: Sequence Hacking

Day 2: Greatest Showman

Day 3: Offer Sequencing

Day 4: eCovers

Day 5: Creation

Day 6: Catch Up Day

Day 7: Mission Review

Week 2:

If you are serious about creating the sales copy that converts, make sure to attend each minute of this week and not miss any day.

I had various doubts and misconceptions about writing the sales copy. Well, week 2 was a game-changer for me. I learned things about copywriting and engaging the visitors through storytelling.

The main goal of week 2 is to create an epiphany bridge that can create an “aha” moment in the minds of my audience.

Here is what I learned each day in Week 2:

Day 1: Publishing your Product

Day 2: Crafting Epiphany Bridge

Day 3: Your Origin story

Day 4: How To Create Hooks and more Hooks?

Day 5 & 6: Catch Up Day

Day 7: Mission Review

Week 3:

I would credit my skills of creating the sales funnel to Week 3. Because this week covers the nuts and bolts of creating and implementing the funnel.

Your week will start with the basics of generating the leads and making sales, use of Clickfunnels, creating the squeeze and OTO page and finally use member’s area once the audience comes flowing in.

Here, you can officially build a sales funnel and gain the confidence to bring the audience from top to bottom of the funnel.

Day 1: Creating the Core Funnel Strategy

Day 2: Creating Sequence Page

Day 3: Create Share Funnel

Day 4: Create Sales Page

Day 5: Create OTO page

Day 6: Access Member’s Area

Day 7: Mission Review

Week 4:

Honestly, I am an SEO guy who believes more in getting organic traffic rather than getting visitors using the paid ads. The fourth week gives you the nitty-gritty of getting the viral traffic to your funnel.

Besides getting free organic traffic, I was able to learn scads of things on paid marketing opportunities.

Day 1: Types of Traffic

Day 2: Dream 100 teaches you to leverage the power of partnerships for traffic and leads.

Day 3: Earning Your Way

Day 4: How to Create Buying?

Day 5: Creating Funnel Audible

Day 6: Mission Review

Day 7: Mission Completion & Brief

Now, the two main things that I wanted to learn here was implementing a powerful funnel strategy and the secret of storytelling by Russell.

Across these 5 weeks, I learned a lot of things and the fifth week was about implementing the sales strategy. This is when they will give you the reasons to believe as to why Clickfunnels is the best for creating a sales funnel.

Some reviews that I had read stated that you need to be laser-focused on watching every minute of these tutorials. For me, the statement is overhyped about the rigidity of the program.

That’s not the case!

There were a few parts that I could skim over and skip as those were not of importance to me.

Make sure to keep note of these lessons as they can be a powerful strategy in leveraging the funnel campaigns.

Below, I have given some significant points and actions to do during your 30-day challenge.

What You Will Need To Do During 30-day Challenge?

As I said, it is not rocket science to kickstart your sales funnel with One Funnel Away Challenge.

Once you purchase this course, you will receive the login credentials. Eventually, you will also get access to their Facebook Group and Russel’s video lessons.

After the completion of each video lesson, you will be prompted to complete the task or the assignment. I would suggest you watch the video lesson carefully and complete the task instantly.

You will also be given some missions that would end up with a workbook module. From my experience, it would be better to complete the assignment on the go. If you are in the middle of something, I would suggest you complete the work first and watch the video at once.

Russell will give you homework on One Pager PDF to complete that will be worthy for successful implementation of funnel strategy.

What Are The Skills That You Will Learn In This Challenge?

As I said, One Funnel Away Challenge is not for everybody but for most marketers. You will learn dozens of skills in these four weeks. Each day, I was able to grab some great skills through these video lessons.

Now, the cherry on the cake would be implementing these funnel strategies correctly and completing the tasks without fail.

Even if you are a novice, you could learn a few skills initially in your Week 2.

  • Creating Smart Products that kick starts your funnel strategy.
  • How to spend on your paid ads to get valuable traffic?
  • Create Killer Lead Generation Strategies
  • Creating the sales copy with crisp and storytelling.
  • How to develop a successful funnel strategy to increase your ROI.
  • Cutting down the costs of spending while leveraging your sales funnel.

Now, these are some of the skills that I could potentially figure out during my four weeks. You never know! You might find another hidden gem under this treasure.

What Is Inside One Funnel Away Challenge?

One Funnel Away Challenge is more than the video lessons. Once you purchase this program, you will receive a One Funnel Away Challenge kit with a few goodies and resources filled up to the brim. 

Besides the physical training kit, you will also get various online materials that you can access anytime and on any device.

Here is what the One Funnel Away Challenge will give you :

One Funnel Away Challenge Training

This is the mission training program.

You will get access to the online videos using the OFA dashboard. After the purchase of the program, you will receive the login username and password through email.

The dashboard gives you all the training videos along with the Bonuses and access to the interviews of two-comma club entrepreneurs.

Your mission is to complete the tasks and assignments within 24 hours. After the completion of the task, you will get access to the new video.

You will receive an email notification when a new video will go live on the One Funnel Away Challenge dashboard.

OFA Challenge Physical Kit

If you choose to purchase the OFA Digital + Physical products, you will receive a box full of physical materials and resources. (You will have to pay for shipping as well.)

I  decided to give it a shot by spending extra bucks on the physical kit. I could have never imagined that the kit would be so full of goodies.

This is what the OFA Physical kit contains:

  1. 30-Days 550 Pages Hardcover Book

This book is indeed a miracle!

What If I give you killer tips and secrets from 30 millionaire marketers? Wouldn’t that be worth thousands of millions?

That’s what Rusell Brunson has made possible in this book. The book has interviews from 30+ two comma club winners and members who made millions from their business.  Now, you never know the journey from 0 to $1 mn.

In this book of 550 pages, Russell has asked one question from these millionaire marketers. The question is- What If you lose all your money, fame, authority and business overnight? How will you start again from scratch?

How would you earn back your millions in 30 days or so?

The best part is that each of the marketers has shared the layout action plan starting from Day 1, Day 2 and so on Day 30 in this book.

  • One Funnel Away Challenge Workbook

This is the physical copy of your workbook. From Day 1 to Day 30, you will have all the workbooks and assignments in the book. This is like your daily homework.

Once you have completed your video, you can do tasks here or online. The workbook is loaded with daily assignments. Personally, the physical access to the assignments and workbook is of more use to me than the digital one.

You can read and memorize better while writing with pen and paper.

  • MP3 Player with OFA Recordings

The physical kit also gives you a pocket-sized and attractive MP3 Player that has around 40 hours of training videos and interviews from Two club members.

If you are short of time and an hour of interactive video session is hard to manage, you can get the audio recording of these sessions. Besides Russell’s audio training, you would also get Stephen’s coaching from the last challenge.

The best thing is you can listen to these audios from anywhere and anytime. More often I would complete video lessons first and listen to these audios for memorizing and better understanding.

Now, the physical kit offers a great value for such a small amount. Their 550-page book with 30 experts is everything that I would desire to get success.

Apart from the physical kit, you would also get some other online stuff as well.

Private Facebook Group Access

Once you have purchased this course, log in to the dashboard and access the Facebook group link for One Funnel Away Challenge. Now, this group is only for the OFA members.

No one outside this can access it. That’s because you have premium video lessons and tips from the expert.

Once you become a member of this group, you will have access to Russell’s premium video lessons and live video sessions. You can also connect with the like-minded people of this group to boost your knowledge.

Besides Russell’s challenge videos, the members would also get video lessons and coaching calls from various admins of the group. The admins are mostly members of the Two-Comma club.

This group is a perfect add-on to your sales funnels learning process.

Unlimited Access to 30-Day Interview

The book that you will get in the physical kit can be accessed online as well. Here, you will get the video interview of 30 top two comma club members who have made millions out of their business and sales funnel.

Russell asks them the same question here- What If you lose everything and start from scratch again? How will you earn back $1 million in 30 days?

Personally, the video interviews are more worthy and valuable to me rather than the book because you can watch any part of the video. But, I would suggest you keep the book with you if you are fond of reading. (Ugh! I don’t like reading books )

Chances are that you might have even heard of these experts that are featured in the video interview:

  • Trey Lewellen
  • Liz Benny
  • Garrett J. White
  • Alison J. Prince
  • Dana Derricks
  • Julie Stoian
  • Stephen Larsen
  • Stacey Martino
  • Ed Osburn
  • Tyler Shaule
  • Rachel Pederson
  • Jeremy McGilvrey
  • Peng Joon
  • Myron Golden
  • Jaime Cross
  • Dan Henry
  • Joe McCall
  • Spencer Mecham
  • Anissa Holmes
  • Dean Holland
  • John Lee Dumas
  • Rob Kosberg
  • Natalie Hodson
  • Pat Rigsby
  • Caitlin Pyle
  • Akbar Sheikh
  • Rhonda Swan
  • David Asarnow
  • Raoul Plickat
  • James P. Friel

 Behind the Scenes 2 Comma Club Award Winners Interviews

Like me, you would go bonkers with this one!

Imagine the practical implementation of creating a sales funnel that could make millions.

That’s what this module gives.

OFA dashboard has access to behind the scenes of two-comma club award winner interviews. In the video lesson, the experts are going to show you the exact funnel that they have made for their million-dollar business.

Splitting the beans for almost free!

Isn’t it the best deal ever?

Affiliate Bootcamp eBook & Video Tutorials

As an affiliate marketer, this is my biggest win. Why?

Because I am going to learn from the Top 10 Super affiliates of Clickfunnels. In this video lesson, Russell Brunson shares the top affiliate marketing strategy from the affiliate marketers that have made millions with their affiliate business.

Like the Interview book, he asks them a simple question. And the question is:

“What if you had to feed your family with only the affiliate commissions and you have lost everything? Now, it’s time for you to start from scratch.

You have only 100 days to turn your hobby into a full-time business. So, what would you do over the next 100 days to build your affiliate marketing as a full-time business? “

I have tried a few affiliate marketing lessons in the past, but no one comes closer to this one in terms of quality.

One of the main USPs of this course is the breakdown of the affiliate marketer’s strategy into Day 1, Day 2 till Day 100.

You can also get the physical version of this book by downloading the eBook from the dashboard.

Brick & Mortar Summit Interviews

This video lesson consists of video interviews from 100s of small business owners like Brick and Mortar business owners.

You can play a recorded session of these interviews where the small business owners share their strategy to create a sales funnel and build their business to the next level.

OFA Challenge RoadMap:

To make it more evident, they have also shared the complete roadmap of the OFA challenge. This roadmap covers everything that I will learn in the next 30 days. I have shared the week-by-week breakdown of the challenge above.

You can refer to this infographic below to understand it even better.

The roadmap gives you a complete breakdown of each week and what you’ll learn here.

One Funnel Away Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

The pricing for the One Funnel Away Challenge is just $100.

Isn’t it the “aha” moment? If you are serious about learning, $100 is an incredibly small fee in return for the valuable content they offer.

If you need a physical version as well, you will have to pay an extra $19.95 (Only the shipping charges) in the US. If you are located outside the US, the shipping charges are $29.95.

Under $130, you will get everything including:

  • One Funnel Away Challenge Video Lessons
  • 550 Pages of Hardcover book covering 30 experts
  • Access to Workbook or online assignments.
  • Unlimited access to interviews from 30+ two-comma club award winners.
  •  Affiliate Bootcamp ebook or video lesson
  • Affiliate Marketing Strategies from 10+ super affiliates.
  • MP3 audio recording of lesson and coaching calls.
  • Access to Private Facebook Group of OFA
  • Behind the Scenes video of Two-comma club members interview.
  • Brick and Mortar Summit interview series.

Is It Cheap?

My answer is Yes. For $100, you are getting something that Russel would charge around $10,000+.

And, this excludes the individual sessions from  Julia and Stephen which might cost you further.

For me, it is cheap and worth the price.  Because I have spent thousands on various online courses which were highly-priced but low in quality.

Russell and his team have created the cheapest course with so many offerings on sales funnel and marketing.

If you are someone who wants free sources and information, then this course might be expensive for you. However, you are not going to get this quality in free resources.

OFA Bonus

OFA does not only stick to its video lessons and other offerings. It will also give you some amazing bonuses that might be equally valuable to you.

Within this 30-day challenge, you will receive around 2 or 3 bonuses online or physically.

Bonus #1: 550 Pages Hardcover book ($97)

This bonus worth $97 covers the 30-Day Action plan of Two comma club members. Here, the award winners of this club who own a million-dollar business.

They are asked the question- “What if you suddenly lose everything: all your money, along with your name and reputation? How will you recover it in the next 30 days from scratch?

Bonus #2: 20 ‘One Pager’ Digital Workbooks For The One Funnel Away Challenge

This workbook is like your homework notebook. It can be your daily companion.

The workbook covers all the aspects of the OFA challenge including the tasks, reminders for a particular day. You will find the video links along with space for brainstorming the ideas.

Bonus #3: Unlimited Access to 30 Days Interviews ($197)

This is the video version of Bonus #1. You will get unlimited access to the 30+ Two-comma club award winners and their action plan to recover their business in case they lose everything.

Bonus #4: Behind the Scenes of Two-Comma Club Interviews

 In this Bonus video lesson, the experts are going to show you the exact funnel that they have made for their million-dollar business.

OFA Reviews:

OFA has a lot of positive feedback from its learners. There is a lot of buzz about the OFA challenge on Google and social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

Pros of OFA Challenge:

Let’s see the benefits of the OFA challenge and you will know if it is good for you or not.

  • For $100, you would get the comprehensive funnel building lesson with additional benefits from Russell Brunson who would charge around $10,000+ for building sales funnel.
  • You will get information in any form; videos, ebooks or audio.
  • Performing the everyday missions can keep you in practice.
  • You will get unlimited access to 30-day action plan of Top marketers and experts interviewed.
  • It also gives the complete funnel strategy process of these experts in Behind the scenes.
  • OFA gives some valuable bonuses to the members.
  •  You will be trained by 7-figure entrepreneurs with different funnel strategies.
  • MP3 audio recording is a great choice if you are short of time.
  • You gain access to the Private Facebook access with valuable discussions and coaching class from entrepreneurs.
  • Unlimited Access to the Affiliate Bootcamp video.
  • Quick access to the brick and mortar owner interviews and their sales funnel strategy.

Cons of OFA:

There were a few loopholes that I found while using the OFA challenge.

  1. Not for absolute beginners: Don’t go for it if you are new to the digital marketing space and have just heard about it. For the newbies, the lessons are complex. The course is loaded with tons of information from scores of experts. I think that could be overwhelming and hard to understand.
  • Course disappears after 30 days: For the procrastinators, this could be a major loss. After 30 days, your content and sessions will disappear. However, you might need a Funnelflix account to get access to these lessons for later purposes.

Final Verdict

The question is Do I Recommend One Funnel Away Challenge? Without an iota of doubt, I do.

One Funnel Away Challenge gives more than what you could expect at just $100. A lot of valuable content from Russel Brunson and coaching calls from Julia and Stephen are literally amazing.

For me, the most valuable part is the 30-day action plan interview and summit interviews. Because the content and lessons shared by Russell can be found in a few of his books like DotCom Secrets.

But, the interactive interviews are certainly the goldmine for everyone serious about learning the sales funnel and making money out of it.

$100 spent on a course like this is certainly not a waste. By the end of this program, you will get the same amount or more than that within a day or two. I made $100 on the first day of creating the sales funnel.

From the second day, I counted profits!

If you want to implement strategies from theoretical learning to physical, this course is for you.

Who are OFA Challenge Coaches?

OFA Challenge coaches are the Top 3 Industry experts. They are Russell Brunson, Julia Stoian and Stephen Larsen.

Is The One Funnel Away Challenge worth it?

Yes. OFA Challenge is worth the money. For the $100 spent, you will get content worth $10000+ or more. More than pricing, it is the vast number of resources and materials that make it worthy for anyone.

Is the One Funnel Away Challenge Legit?

One Funnel Away Challenge is totally legit. It is created by the digital marketing legend Russell Brunson who has made millions using a single sales funnel. Russell is on the journey of helping everyone to kickstart their business and make profits.

What is one funnel away challenge refund policy?

If you are unsatisfied with the OFA challenge, you can ask for a 100% refund within the 30-days. You need to contact ClickFunnels support within 30 days and you will get your $100 back.

How do you promote your OFA challenge?

There are several ways to promote your OFA challenge or in general. You can write a blog about it or give your opinion on various Facebook groups. Lastly, you can ask your followers and friends to take up and try this course. You can also promote it by becoming their Affiliate.

How does One Funnel Away Challenge work?

OFA Challenge is a 30-day program that offers extensive video lessons by Russell Brunson every day. After each video session, you will be assigned a task to complete within 24 hours. Each week has different goals and each day has different lessons.

Why Do You Need One Funnel Away Challenge?

You would need the OFA course membership if you are serious about learning the sales funnel and making millions of it. The best thing about this course is that it has tons of goodies and resources. You will learn life-changing strategies from experts in funnel marketing or affiliate marketing experts. This way, you can replicate or use the same funnel strategy to map success.

What is One Funnel Away Challenge Platinum?

One Funnel Away Challenge Platinum is the upsell of OFA challenge combined with 6-months of Clickfunnels membership along with other tools. OFA Platinum costs $997 that includes the OFA kit and content. Besides this, you will also get the 6-months of Clickfunnels Platinum that costs $297/month in general. Other offerings include the FunnelFlix, Virtual Hackathons and White Glove Onboarding Service. Lastly, you would also get the DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets LIVE.

Do You Need ClickFunnels Membership?

There is no compulsion to use Clickfunnels for the One Funnel Away Challenge. You can use any funnel builder of your choice. However, they have used ClickFunnels as the preferred funnel builder. Until your funnel builder does not have a steep learning curve, it is good to go and create even complex funnels.

Can I Join One Funnel Away Challenge Anytime?

Unfortunately! No. This challenge is not open every time. OFA is a hands-on challenge and hence, Russell and his team need to work within their schedule. OFA is open at the moment, but there is no guarantee if it will be available later.

When will be the next OFA Challenge?

One Funnel Away Challenge comes out on a fixed date every month. You can purchase the course and book your spot to join the lesson the next time it is open. It normally starts after every 2 weeks.

What do you get with the One Funnel Away Challenge kit?

OFA challenge physical kit would you three most priceless materials. The first one is a hardcover book of the 30-day action plan of two-comma club award winners. The second offering is the workbook for completing the tasks and assignments. You will also get the MP3 audio player with 40 hours of Brunson’s lesson plus coaching calls and interviews.

Who should not take this Challenge?

Someone who is an absolute newbie in the digital marketing space should not jump directly to this challenge as it can be confusing. Besides this, it is not for someone who:
Who wants a quick rich scheme.
Don’t want to invest money into online business.
Don’t have much time to watch videos and complete tasks.

Do I need my own product to promote?

It is not necessary to have physical products to sell using the sales funnel. Most business owners sell digital products and courses with funnels to make money.

Is the one funnel away challenge a scam?

Absolutely No! OFA is totally legit and worth your money. It is created by the million-dollar entrepreneurs who offer coaching and teach you to build funnels for a cost that is 100x less than their fees.

How much does OFA Challenge Cost?

One Funnel Away Challenge costs $100. If you need the physical kit as well, you will have to pay $29.95 as the shipping charge outside the US and $19.95 in the US.

One Funnel Away Challenge Review


Hi, I am Sasidhar, a Digital Marketing Strategist from India. I have over 15 years of experience in Digital Marketing and have helped 100+ businesses through my expertise in the field.

My experience as a digital marketer has enabled me to work with major organizations like AXA Technologies, Manipal Global Education, Euro RSCG, and many others who have hired me to promote their businesses online.

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