Pabbly Connect Lifetime Deal Review 2021

Are you tired of working on repetitive tasks? Or Spending a lot of money on Automation tools? Then this post is for you.

I will explain how the recently released software ‘Pabbly Connect' works and how you can save time and money with this software.

In this Pabbly Connect review, we’ll look at its features, founder, company, pricing, and how it works.

This post will help you decide whether to buy or skip it. 

Don't have time? You can straightway check the deal by clicking the below button. But I would ask you to read completely before checking out what it is.

Why do you need automation tools?

If you are already using any automation tools, you probably don’t have to waste time and you can scroll down further to know more about Pabbly Connect Lifetime Deal.

The quick answer is that it makes your task easier by connecting various apps and creative simple workflow for your business.

Most small business people think automation is only for large enterprises which is wrong. More than big businesses, small business people have to use money & resources effectively to cut the cost and save money. This where automation tools come into play.

If you want to know how this automation works, I have shown a few examples below from Pabbly Connect itself.


  • Automating tasks can simplify your workflow
  • It can make your time more productive
  • No need to hire and train new employees for a new task
  • It will help you to cut off the human errors
  • Easy to setup software than to handle human resource

How to choose a good lifetime deal?

When buying LTDs, we usually pay the one year cost upfront in order to enjoy the lifetime value of the product. It is the benefit offered by the company to the early adopters who are the real investors that trust the product, the team and the idea.

If the product did not stand after two years, LTD buyers will lose the money. So, it is very important to be cautious when buying the Lifetime deal.

The risk of buying a LTD is higher compared to monthly subscription, where we can simply opt out if we don't like the product.

I have bought so many useless deals in the past 2 years and learnt my lesson. These methods will be useful to you if you are new to the LTD market.

To choose a deal, I will consider the following factors normally:

  • How competitive is the industry?
  • How trustworthy is the company?
  • What are the features & benefits?
  • What is the money back period?
  • How simple is the platform to use?
  • What is on the roadmap & it’s progress?

Let’s see if Pabbly Connect passes all these filters so I can make my purchase decision.

How competitive is the industry?

Software is a huge industry. New software is launched every day. It is easy to create softwares like Project management software, Enterprise software and other similar softwares. Because everything happens within their own platform. This will attract more companies to create such platforms.

Whereas as in Automation platforms like Pabbly Connect, it needs to get the API access from many web-based platforms.

Every API has its own cost, conditions and difficulties. So, creating automation tools needs many factors to be fulfilled.

Zapier was founded in 2011 and remains the market leader since then. Over the last ten years, no big company has managed to give Zapier any competition.

Because to create an integration platform like Zapier or Pabbly Connect requires a grand vision, knowledge & experience from the founder and the team.

If I miss a Project management software I surely know, there will be other deals coming around in one or two months.

But, if I fail to grab this deal, I might not know when a solid deal will come along in the future.

Because of the monopolistic nature, the price quoted by Zapier is very high and it is difficult for the small businesses to spend such an enormous amount of money. You can find more about the Zapier vs Pabbly connect comparison below.

This itself is not enough to make a decision. So let's dig deeper into the deal and features to know if it is really worth buying.

How trustworthy is the company?

We trust the company that constantly produces great products. I have recently purchased Hexowatch license since months back and was very about it because of the quality and fulfilment of the roadmap on the specified time. This makes the Company trustworthy. Recently they have introduced new products for the existing customers. I immediately bought it without testing. As I had trust in the company, I liked the idea and there is always 30 days money-back guarantee.

Where does Pabbly stand

Pabbly Connect is not the first product from the company. Before launching the Connect, they already have many established softwares.

Pabbly Email Marketing

Pabbly is an email marketing platform that has a drag-n-drop email builder with automatic list management. It offers features like Autoresponders, Lead Capturing, and Subscription form builder.

Pabbly Email Verification

With the Pabbly Email verification tool you can improve your email campaign management and reduce the bounce rates. It confirms the email by sending a ping and verifying the receiver, removing the duplicate email addresses.

Pabbly Subscription

It is a subscription management platform for businesses of all kinds. Pabbly Subscription is a smart recurring and billing software management tool. This tool automates your subscription cycle and makes your invoicing and payment processing easier.

Pabbly Form Builder

Pabbly Form Builder is an alternative to form builder platforms like 123formbuilder and Gravity forms with drag-and-drop editor options.

Magnet Brains

Pabbly’s parent company Magnet Brains has 100 plus employees working on various projects.

Magnet Brains YouTube channel offers educational videos from Kindergarten to 12th. You can check their channel here

Magnet Brains

The channel has

  • 2.1 Million + Youtube Subscribers
  • 10000 + Videos
  • 287,406,374 Total Views
  • 20 Million + Monthly Views

From the above details we can understand that, the company behind Pabbly Connect has a good background and they are in the business for many years.

One Co-founders of the company Neeraj Agarwal is very active in Social media. He answers all the user’s questions and doubts. 

What is Pabbly Connect & How it works?

How Pabbly Connect works

Pabbly Connect is an automation tool that helps you to connect and transfer the data between the applications by creating automated workflows.

It works on the basis

  1. Triggers (If some event happens)
  2. Action (Do this action)

For Eg,

If a customer buys something through on Paypal/Stripe/Shopping Cart, you have to send an email to the customer or send a file to the customer

Here, Trigger happens in one platform like Paypal. But you have to send an email to the customer using MailChimp (Email Marketing tool), which is another platform.

Here Pabbly Connect connects these two platforms by sending the data from Paypal to Mailchimp.

This is called as one task in Pabbly Connect. Below we have shared the examples of other tasks

When a form is submitted in websiteRegister the person for a webinar
When a payment is done on WoocommerceAdd the person in CRM
When someone books an appointmentSchedule it with calendar app
When someone buys your courseShare the file on Google Drive

Apart from the above, you can also perform advanced conditional tasks

For Eg.

We can give specific conditions like, only do something if the condition satisfies

TriggersConditional CheckActions
When a sale happens in StripeIf the amount is > 1000Add to Mailchimp Premium customer list
When a sale happens in StripeIf the amount is < 1000Add to Mailchimp Normal customer list

Pabbly Connect Features & Benefits

Pabbly Connect Lifetime Deal

All the essential integrations are already done in Pabbly Connect. If you want a new tool integration for your business, you can send your request and ask people to vote. If lot of people are in need of the integration, it will be given priority.

In the past 6 months, I have seen lot of new tools integrated within weeks of its launch based on the users demand.

Currently, Pabbly Connect offers about 600+ integrations. I guess this is a good number for the newbie automation tool.

It integrates seamlessly with several apps such as CRM, Marketing, E-commerce, Helpdesk, Payment gateways, Web Forms, collaboration tools, and more.

Email Marketing Platforms

  • Aweber
  • MooSend
  • GetResponse
  • Pabbly Email Marketing
  • Active Campaign
  • SendFox
  • MailChimp
  • Automizy and various others…

Form Builder Platforms such as,

  • Elementor Forms
  • Gravity Forms
  • ThriveLeads
  • TypeForm
  • 123FormBuilder
  • Pabbly Form Builder
  • Survey Monkey

Payment Gateways which includes

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Instamojo

Besides this, Pabbly Connect offers integration with several useful applications such as Facebook and Facebook Lead Pages, YouTube, Linkedin, Gmail, and video conferencing apps such as Zoom.

Pros and Cons

Here are the quick pros of Pabbly Connect:

  • 600+ Apps Integrations
  • Add Unlimited Workflows
  • Instant Triggers
  • Unlimited Integration with Premium Apps
  • Add unlimited Filters
  • Multi-Step Calls
  • Path routers for each app
  • Flexible Pricing Options
  • Quick Setup
  • No installation or coding required
  • Amazing Customer Support
  • API as well as Webhooks Integration
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Upgrade or Downgrade your plan
  • Collaboration tools for team management
  • 60 Days refund policy


Integration is less compared to Zapier. But they keep adding new platforms.

Click the spreadsheet link to know more about the status of all Pabbly Connect Integrations.

Pabbly Connect LTD Pricing

Pabbly Connect offers lifetime deal for a short period. People have been searching for Pabbly Connect on Appsumo, but it went live on its own platform and had a great response when it was first released in 2020. The primary goal of re-running the lifetime deal again is to increase the user base as few applications asks for certain numbers of users to provide the API for integration. This will be live for a shorter time and once the company reaches its number, it will be over.

Pabbly Connect One Time Plan LTD

Pabbly Connect Regular Pricing

One of the most interesting features of Pabbly is that it has no limits on creating automation tasks.  It is a reliable automation service for small businesses. It offers a 7-day free trial with all the features.

Pabby has three different pricing options to choose from. Your pricing may depend on the number of automation tasks per month.

Starter Plan ($19/month): It is the lowest plan for new businesses. With the starter plan, you can set up 12,000 tasks/Operations per month.

Rookie Plan ($29/month): This plan is suitable for small businesses. You can set upto 50,000 tasks in a month.

Advanced ($57/month): Still a suitable choice for small businesses, Pro plan lets you set up 80,000 tasks or operations per month.

You will get additional discount from the above price if you pay on yearly basis

1 year – 30% Discount, 2 Years – 40% Discount, 3 Years – 50% Discount

Pabbly Connect vs Zapier vs Integromat

Zapier offers a simple and straightforward integration process for regular business users like me.

Integromat is made for developers, therefore its integration system is pretty complicated. They're not for everyone and not for ordinary users.

Pabbly Connect is more like Zapier. It integrates easily and follows a linear approach that guides the user step by step.


Zapier uses Polling technology to get the data from other applications. In Polling, your software keeps sending a request to external software to see if there is any new data on an external application. 

Polling takes at least 5 to 10 minutes to collect data because an external program must check at least every 5 to 10 minutes. 

On the other hand, Pabbly Connect uses Webhooks technology. Web-hooks work in reverse. When you set up a Webhook, the external software simply notifies you when data arrives at their end onto your Webhook URL.

Webhooks are instant, efficient, and they're the future. When you choose an application from the Trigger drop-down, you will see the Web-hook URL you need to put inside your external applications. So nothing will take five or ten minutes to arrive. Everything will happen instantly.

Since Zapier has over 5 million users who are active on the integrations, Zapier cannot switch from Polling to Webhooks technology.


Started in 2011, Zapier currently has 3000+ apps integrations out of 20000+ Saas apps in the market. 

Founded in 2012, Integromat has integration with 600+ apps that covers many industry.

Pabbly Connect was launched in 2020, and it currently has 600+ integrations. 

For a one-year-old product, this is a very good number. In the past 6 months, I have seen a lot of new tools integrated within weeks of its launch based on the users demand. I have shared more details of the newly integrated apps below in the article. 

Tasks & Pricing Comparison

Integromat price starts from $9 per month in which you get 10,000 operations and 1 GB data. Check Integromat pricing.

Zapier price starts from $20 per month in which you get 750 tasks per month. Check Zapier pricing.

Pabbly Connect Lifetime deal price starts from $149 per lifetime in which you get 3000 monthly tasks and there is no limitation of features. Check Pabbly Connnect pricing.

If you look at the below table, you will understand how expensive is Zapier compared to Pabbly Connect.

Tasks CountPabbly Connect (Lifetime)Zapier (Yearly )
3000$149$588 (for 2000)

If you understand how tasks are calculated, you will understand that Pabbly Connect is way cheaper. The below table explains how 3000 Tasks in Pabbly Connect is equivalent to 7000 Zapier Tasks and around 10000 Integromat operations.

Pabbly ConnectZapier Integromat
3000 Tasks7000 Tasks10000 Operations
6000 Tasks14000 Tasks22500 Operations
10000 Tasks20000 Tasks32000 Operations

Pabbly Connect pricing cannot be directly compared with Integromat's pricing, since there are differences in the way tasks and operations are calculated. 

Some people feel Integromat is so cheap as it offers 10,000 monthly tasks for $9/month. 

But the way they charge is different. You are charged for both triggers and actions.

You are only charged for actions with both Pabbly Connect & Zapier. This means for every 2 tasks with Integromat, it just take 1 task with Pabbly Connect or Zapier. Though In

For 10,000 tasks limit in Integromat is equal to 3500 tasks in Pabbly Connect or Zapier after all the hidden terms in their workflow.

10000 tasks for $9/month will look like a good deal for the user when looking at the pricing page. But if you look at the hidden costs and conditions, you can understand that it is not cheap.

Additional Costs

Zapier pricing starts at $19.99, but it charges more if you want additional features. For example, if you want to try the Path or Routers functionality in Zapier, you have to go for $73.50 monthly plan.

But in Pabbly Connect Router/Path functionality is available in the lowest plan which is $19 per month($13 if paid annually).

If you look at the above plans & pricing of all the three tools, you can understand that when you buy Pabbly Connect you will get Zapier level quality tool that costs way less than Integromat.

What is the Roadmap & It’s Progress?

When a new software comes into the lifetime deal market, you have to look at three things carefully. One is, what are the current features and what is on the roadmap and when it will be delivered. Because many software providers do not fulfil their promise and there will not be any further developments after the deal is over.

Hence, it’s important to check if they are regularly developing new features from the roadmap and communicate it with the buyers.

You can check the Pabbly Connect Roadmap here

Pabbly Connect Roadmap

I have seen continuous integration of new tools in Pabbly Connect. I have shared some of the details below.

New Integrations Update as on March 31, 2021

Pabbly New Integrations March 31

New Integrations Update as on April 10, 2021

New Integrations Update as on April 13, 2021

New Integrations Update as on April 17, 2021

New Integrations Update as on April 19, 2021

New Integrations Update as on May 12, 2021

New Pabbly Integrations 12 May 21

Apart from this,

If you want to request for building up new integrations, you can send them the request here and upvote it –

If you want to request for updating any existing integrations with triggers or action, you can send them the request here and upvote it –

If you want to request for building any core features, you can send them the request here and upvote it –

Did I buy?

As a blogger & digital marketer, I do a lot of social media campaigns for my personal and client projects. As we are based in India, the labour cost is low for the tasks when compared with US, UK or Europe. But the difficulty of managing the people is very tough as it takes a considerable of my own time. So, I bought this deal as it fulfilled most of my expectations.

Pabbly Connect Purchase


  • Already an established company with many big softwares
  • Because it is a Lifetime Deal and no other similar tools provide that
  • Price to value ratio is good
  • Founder & the team looks promising
  • To cut down the monthly recurring cost

Final Thoughts: Should You Buy Pabbly Connect?

I hope this post would have given an overall insight about Pabbly Connect one-time deal.

Pabbly Connect is not great right now. But it offers outstanding features for the price we pay. And it has the potential to be great in a few years.

Whether you're an entrepreneur with limited time or a marketer that doesn't have a tech background, Pabbly Connect can help you simplify your workflow and reclaim your time back.

If you are tired of doing the same manual tasks repeatedly, then you certainly should buy Pabbly Connect.

If you are already using Zapier, Integromat or any other automation tools, you should try it once. Because it can save you a huge amount of money if you like it.

Looking for more software deals to work more efficiently? Check out our homepage. We are regularly updating the good deals there.

Looking for more software deals to work more efficiently? Check out our homepage. We are regularly updating the good deals there.

Pabbly Connect FAQ

What is task in Pabbly Connect?

A task is any action the user performs in the workflow. For example, whenever a new payment is made through Paypal, send the customer's information to MailChimp. This will be considered as one task in Pabbly Connect. Tasks are not calculated based on triggers like Zapier.

Do Pabbly takes internal tasks into count?

No. The tasks performed by internal apps like Filter, Router, Text Formatter, Schedule, Delay, Time formatter, Data Forwarder, Data formatter and others are not counted as task.

How is task calculated for multi step automation?

This will be based on the number of action steps. For example, If you send a lead from LinkedIn Lead to AWeber and then sent the same lead details to Google Spreadsheet. This will count as two tasks.

Can I get access to all future integrations and updates?

Yes, you will receive all future updates and integrations without any extra charges.

What to do when I reach your task limit?

If you reach the task limit, you can upgrade to the next plan at any point in time and keep your workflow running smoothly.

Pabbly Connect Review

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