Popkit Review - Best Social Proof App to Increase Your Sales

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Popkit Review

Table of Contents

What Is Social Proof & Why Do You Need It?

What’s the first thought that comes to your mind when you see a restaurant that’s completely occupied and a restaurant that’s vacant.

I will probably prefer quality over time. A restaurant with full occupancy tends to have better quality. That’s how you decide the popularity and quality.

That’s what is called social proof. This term was first coined by a university professor Robert Cialdini. According to Robert,

Social Proof is the idea of what consumers will adapt when they see other consumers.

I will more broadly call it the FOMO or Fear of Missing Out by creating a sense of urgency.

And this is how social proof for websites works. By creating a fear of urgency and convincing the customers.

A few days back I was looking for a reliable social proof tool as I needed an affordable tool with a better ROI. After much research, I found Popkit which is an automated social proof tool.

That’s what I am going to tell you in the Popkit Review today.

Social proof can be based on recommendations, Word to mouth, and most importantly the reviews by the consumers and can be really helpful  in this cut-throat competition.

70% of successful websites add Social proof to their business website to gain trust from the consumers and also to add credibility to the business.

Popkit is one of the amazing social proof tools in 2020 that comes with over 24+ widgets and a lifetime deal. 

We bought Popkit Lifetime deal and implemented Popkit social proof on many of our websites and our conversion rate is improved a lot after using this app.

Let’s find out more about Social proof tools in my Popkit Review.

Popkit Review : Is This Social Proof Tool Reliable?

Well, let me take you to the complete review of Popkit so you can decide for yourself if this social proof is a reliable one. 

Popkit is a newbie in the crowded marketplace of social proof tools for eCommerce. With Popkit, you can add social proof buttons to your website without using a single line of code. 

While your customers are navigating your website, you can use the notifications or the pop-ups to create a better user experience. I read a few customer reviews on Popkit. 

So, I decided to give it a shot and started with a 3-Day Free Trial which I think is a little less to experiment with your conversion. 

To begin with the social proof experiment, you need to install the pixel on your website or your landing page through the hostmaster or Google Tag Manager.

How to Install Popkit

After installing the pixel code, I created the campaign for my website/URL. In the next step, I added the widget to display the notification on my website.

Popkit Create Campaign

Popkit Social Proof

Sample Coupon Social Proof Creation inside Popkit dashboard.

Let’s dive deep into the features offered by Popkit. 

Get Popkit LTD with 3 Days Free Trial

Popkit Features:

The reason why I decided to write a Popkit review after using it for my own website is because of its multiple features and sleek interface. Also, it is one of the easiest social proof tools to use in the market. 

  • Widget Personalization :

I know all of the social proof tools offer widget personalizations and that’s important. Popkit has a wider notification toolbar. You can edit, customize, and set up your widget. Add the name, location, title, and color to your widget button and finally the tracking URL where you want to track the conversions. 

  • Create Page Rules:

Once you have set up the widgets for you, the next thing you need to do is to choose where you want to display the notification and the interval of your notifications.

You can create segmentation on your widget to display the multiple notifications on your website. I wanted to set up more than one widget for my website. 

With this feature, you can trigger displays and create the rules for setting up your widgets. You can set the schedule for notifications, text to be displayed, and the location of the notification bar on your page. 

That’s how simple it is! I was able to set up and create segmentation on my pages within minutes. 

  • Capturing Data

I found two ways to capture my data for Popkit to display the notification. The first one was using the auto-capture feature and the other one was using the webhooks. 

Just enter the URL that you want to track the conversion for. This way, Popkit will capture and track the data every time a new sale is made. 

Though this is the easiest method to capture the data in any social proof tool I tried the Webhook feature for Popkit which needed third-party apps like  Zapier or Integromat. This is a great way to capture the data for your customers if Popkit is unable to capture the location of the visitor.

  • Analytics & Data

In the dashboard, you can keep track of your sales and conversions for better user-experience and an added perk to your social proof. 

Popkit automatically collects the visitors, clicks, impressions, and hovers to your analytics dashboard and updates it daily. 

Popkit Analytics Report

  • Variety of Templates

Popkit Templates

Now, the best part about Popkit is that it offers over 24+ templates of different types. These templates can drive your marketing campaign insanely. 

I was impressed with the variety of templates that it offers. You can use these templates on the same or different pages at a time. These templates are: 

  1. Live Visitor which displays the number of people currently on your website.
  2. The latest Conversions shows the latest conversions. 
  3. Conversion Counters show the total number of conversions 
  4. Information Template displays useful information as a pop-up
  5. Emoji feedback for collecting the user experience on your website
  6. Score Feedback

You can check the full list of popkit templates on the website. 

How Much Does Popkit Cost? 

Popkit Pricing

Popkit does not offer a free plan. It offers a 3-day free trial to its customers. 

Well, a number of social proof tools offer free plans but I still preferred Popkit. 

Popkit has no monthly or yearly subscription. Instead, it offers a one-time fee for just $59. 

It covers all the features, integrates with third-party apps, and helps you get more conversions and increase ROI. 

 With Popkit Special Lifetime Deal, you will get the following features; Unlimited Widgets, Domain, and Visitors to be added to your campaign. Priority support and all the updates for the future. 

I subscribed to the Popkit Special lifetime deal and I think it is a great fit for any size of business. I love the stable pricing of a lifetime so you don’t need to worry about every month or year. 

Popkit Integrations:

Popkit Integration

Well, what’s the use of a social proof tool if it doesn’t integrate well. Popkit integrates with over 30+ apps and platforms. Check out the complete list of popkit integrations.

It offers a quick integration with automation tools such as Zapier, Webhooks, or Integromat. It took me a minute to copy the code to Zapier and integrate it with Popkit. 

Similarly, you can integrate and install Popkit with any CMS platform. If you need a social proof tool for WordPress, Popkit is worth a try. 

Be it an eCommerce business, website builder, marketing funnels, or landing page builder, Popkit offers flexible integration here. 

Pros and Cons of Popkit:


  • 2-minute setup
  • Verified Conversions and 100% real Data
  • Display Highest Converting Product
  • One-Time Subscription 
  • Integrates with 30+ Apps
  • Sleek Design & Clean Interface
  • Connect with Google & Yotpo Reviews
  • Supports over 165 languages
  • 24+ Templates
  • Customizable Widgets
  • Priority Customer Support
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Setup Documentation Guide


  • 3 Days Trial Only
  • No “URL Does not contain” option under triggers
  • No Duplicate Campaign/Notification option
  • No In-Depth Video Tutorials
  • No mention of Money Back guarantee

Best Alternatives to Popkit Social Proof Toolkit:

You might have also searched for the best Popkit alternatives or free alternatives to Popkit in 2020 for the comparison.

However, nothing can beat the Popkit Lifetime Deal and its affordable pricing discount. 

Most of the small businesses lookout for a cheap and multi-functional social proof builder. 

Some of the Popkit alternatives are: 

Notifia is not just a social proof builder but a complete marketing solution for all kinds of business. It offers a complete suite of widgets and can be a great tool for your marketing needs. It has 30+ widgets and 100+ templates for in-app notifications, collecting customer database, social media marketing, and emails and feedback forms. 

Notifia has a monthly subscription for $49/month. It also offers a highly expensive Lifetime plan. You need to pay $99 for purchasing a single widget. 

UseProof is one of the well-known social builder tools with cool features like live tracking, A/B testing, and conversion cards. Also known as Proof, this tool monitors the recent activity to keep track of the conversions in real-time. It integrates seamlessly with tools like Zapier, InfusionSoft, ActiveCampaign, and many more. 

UseProof has a pay as per-use subscription with the basic plan starting from $29/month. It offers a 14-day free trial. 

UseInfluence or Influence is another alternative to Popkit. It offers features like Bulk recent activity, Integrations with over 50 apps, and fully customizable widgets. UseInfluence has limited support as well as options for limited notifications. 

UseInfluence has a basic plan for $15 a month with limited features. You will get the full features when you subscribe to a monthly plan of $189. It is probably not the best social proof tool for small and medium businesses. 

Sprofy is a mediocre social proof tool with not so great features. It has various templates to use but it lacks integration with various apps. Sprofy only offers integration with Zapier, Shopify, WordPress, and Squarespace.

It offers a free plan for a single website. The paid monthly plan has two subscriptions for $2.99/month and $4.99/month lacking some cool features.  

FOMO is one of the best social proof tools for Shopify and an alternative to Popkit worth trying. It creates a fear of missing out among the customers and has a plethora of features. It offers customizable widgets, Native and API integrations, template rules. You can export your data into CSV quickly. 

Fomo’s basic plan starts with $39/month with 50,000 notifications per month and a 7-day trial. It is quite expensive for a small business owner with less traffic. 

Provely is another nice social proof app that claims to boost your conversions by 250%. It has customizable widgets and is uniquely known to offer three different campaigns. These campaigns are named as Live, Rotate, and Past. Besides this, it offers one of the best Social Proof Plugins for WordPress. 

Provely integrates with a number of popular apps like Shopify, LeadPages, WordPress, and various others. 

It does not offer any free trial or free plan. Provely has a basic monthly subscription for $17 which allows only one website whereas the Unlimited plan costs $37/month. 

ProveSources is a leading and fastest-growing social builder platform with over 18,000+ websites using this platform. Probably, it is one of the best free alternatives to Popkit and the best social builder tool for Shopify. 

It shows various types of notifications such as live visitor, social visitor counter, download notifications,100+ integrations, real-time analysis, and many more. 

It has a free plan with a limit of 1k users. For full features and functions, you need to upgrade to a monthly plan of $99/month. 

Not the best Alternative to Popkit, SocialProve is a social builder platform if you are willing to try a social proof tool on your website. It offers live count, live activity, shows the total number of visitors and sign-ups. 

It integrates with over 50 apps such as Shopify, Zapier, ClickFunnels, and more. SocialProve gives a free trial for 7 days after which you can pay $29/month for 25,000 notifications in a month. If you need more notifications, you need to upgrade to a higher plan of $199/month. 

NextSale is a niche app that has unique pop-ups and creates urgency among customers. It is not recommended for large businesses due to a lack of features such as live visitor count, active visitor. With Next Sale, you can add social pop-ups, promo, and discount and top bar pop-ups as well. 

It integrates seamlessly with Shopify. Nextsale offers a 14-day trial and a free plan. It has a basic plan of $29/month and an Enterprise plan for $249/month. 

Who Is Popkit Best Suited For?

Each tool is designed specifically for a niche of business and that’s what Popkit does. After using Popkit, I was clear about its usability. 

Popkit is an amazing social builder platform best suited for:

  • SaaS Business Websites
  • ECommerce Business
  • Coaching and Membership Websites
  • Bloggers & Affiliate Marketers
  • Digital products seller24

Final Thoughts

Is Popkit the Right Social Proof Platform For Your Business?

In my opinion, Popkit is one of the cheapest and best social proof platforms for all kinds of businesses. No other tool offers unlimited domains and unlimited websites and such a large choice for integration for just $59. 

Furthermore, the Popkit templates are a big plus. It is one of the best social builder tools for WordPress and Shopify. Popkit rolls out the updates after a specific period of time.

You will get access to all the future updates of Popkit when you subscribe to the lifetime deal for this social proof platform. 

However, you can also try the best Popkit alternatives that I have listed above if Popkit doesn’t suit you.

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Popkit Review
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