Publer Review – Best Social Media Scheduling Tool?

Publer Review

Publer is a cloud-based social media management tool that let us create and schedule posts on different social media platforms. It is a great alternative to tools like Hootsuite and Buffer.

Social media is the new goldmine for businesses. If you are using social media for your business, then you must be familiar with how important it is to post at the right time.

And, posting manually at the right time on social media can be an exhaustive process.

This is where social media scheduling tools like Publer, Hootsuite, and Buffers comes into play. If you are a small business, blogger or even the large enterprise, you have to manage everything on social media within the given working hours.

That’s why I have written a detailed post on Publer Review, which is a powerful social media scheduling tool that comes with a plethora of features.

From creating content to scheduling it and sharing it on different platforms require your time. What matters the most is that you have different social media platforms to work on. And, each social media platform has different times for posting.

By the end of the Publer review, you will get a clear idea of how it works and why it is considered one of the best social media scheduling tools.

What Is Publer?

Publer is a social media management and scheduling tool that is considered to be a superhero social media tool for marketers. It is a great and cheap alternative to tools like Hootsuite and Buffer.

Now, here's a thing; social media scheduling tools come up with few features and limited access to the team members. Publer is an amazing tool that comes with a plethora of features and a single centralized dashboard.

The best thing about it is that you can schedule your posts on Facebook pages, groups, Instagram stories and everywhere on the social media platform.  Publer is equipped with tons of more features like these.

Let's get more into detail in this Publer Review.

How To Use Publer?

Starting with Publer scheduling tool is a breeze. You can either start with a free trial or use a demo version.

Publer gives you the flexibility to create and set up your account using your social media credentials such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or your Google account.

Once logged in, you will be redirected to the dashboard of Publer. Honestly, Publer has one of the simplest dashboards to use. As compared to Hootsuite and Buffer, you can create and schedule a social media post 5 seconds earlier.

Set Up:

To Set up your social media accounts, click on ‘Add Account'. You can add various Facebook pages, location or group to your dashboard. Besides this, you can add your Linkedin Profile or the Business page. However, Pinterest and Instagram can only be added via Zapier.

Once you have set up your social media accounts, it's time to start your first post.

Creating & Scheduling Your Post:

  • Click on ‘Create' and you can start your first social media post using Publer.
  • Select the social media accounts where you would like to add your posts. One of the most intriguing features of Publer is that it can give you ideas based on your hashtags.
  • You can use the most relevant hashtag using the keyword to get more organic reach. However, this feature is only available for Twitter posts.
  • You can upload media, import or export CSV, or even use the RSS feed to schedule or create social media posts.

Before diving in deeper into Publer Review, here are some benefits of using a top-notch social media scheduler tools.

Why Do You Need Social Media Scheduler?

If you think social media scheduler is just about scheduling your social media posts, you must read this section.

  • Show Your Audience That You Are Available All the time: If you are using scheduler to post at the right time when your audience is active, it gives you dual benefits. The first one is that you will always be active without physically there. Secondly, your followers will get a sense of trust.
  • No worries about the Internet: What if you lose your internet during a crucial promotion. Social media schedulers will post at the desired time when you have scheduled it. No need to worry about losing the internet later.
  • Get More Time Creating Content: You can get more time creating your content rather than rushing to take the photo and add caption or hashtag at that time.
  • No need to switch to different social media accounts: Once you have connected all your social media accounts together in the scheduler, no need to switch between different accounts.
  • Post Outside the Business hours: Social media scheduler lets you schedule post at any time of the day. Thus, you don't need to log in outside of the business hours.

Publer Features:

  • Connect Various Social Media Accounts:

The foremost feature of a social media tool is that it can connect various social media accounts in a unified dashboard.

However, different tools allow different social media platforms that you can connect.

With Publer, users can connect various social media platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Google My Business. You can connect as many Facebook pages, groups or locations that you wan to.

You can also connect Publer with Pinterest and Instagram using Zapier and it takes only minutes to connect. Publer will soon be allowing the addition of YouTube and VK to the list of social media platforms.

  • Bulk Scheduling:

Publer lets users create and schedule bulk posts. In the dashboard, you can schedule as many posts as you want on various social media platforms.

If you want different content for different platforms, you can bulk create and schedule it accordingly.

Most of the social media schedulers provide this feature. What's special with Publer is that you can also bulk upload the social media content for each individual post. So, everything goes automated using Publer.

  • Auto Scheduling:

Set your posts at the right time using the auto-scheduling feature of Publer. For this, you need to set up and customize each of your social media accounts. Choose the right slot time for scheduling your default posts.

Once you have set up the schedule, you can add the content and Publer will automatically schedule your posts at the given slot. Auto schedule your posts can save a lot of time and you don't need to set the reminder.

You can also change the time for the post that you have scheduled if you need any changes to it.

  • Posts Customization:

Publer allows the posts customization for different platforms. To avoid any mistakes, you can make changes to the posts accordingly.

For instance, Linkedin doesn't allow the use of GIFs in their posts or Twitter has a post limit of only 280 characters. So, you would need to have shorter posts for your Twitter.

You can also select the media customization options to add a feature to your media images.

  • Preview Posts:

Once you have set up the posts and scheduled it, you can preview your posts. Publer previews the social media posts as they will be present on the social media platform.

You can view your postings on social media platforms in both the view; Desktop and mobile. In fact, it has the most accurate preview of social media postings when compared to other social media scheduling tools.

If your post doesn't look the same way it looks in the preview, you can make the necessary changes and preview it with a different device view.

  • Recycling Posts:

Recycling your posts means that you can post the same message again on social media after a period of time. This is one of the most interesting features of Publer.

The average duration of a social media post is 15 mins or slightly more than that. Thus, you need to post the same message again and gain on social media to increase engagement and attract more followers.

You can recycle your posts by setting up your account and choosing the frequency for the post. Let's say, you have set up the schedule frequency of 1 week, your post will repeat again in one week on the social media accounts that you have selected.

  • Recurring Posts:

Similar to the recycling feature, Publer allows you to set up the recurring posts. The only difference between the recycling and recurring is that you can set up the starting and the ending date for the task.

Using the recurring feature, Publer will send posts at the given time period and the given time period. The only difference between the recurring and recycling feature is that recurring will post it exactly at the same time until the end of the date.

This feature is useful if you have a new product or a limited time offer/ special sale.

  • Shortcodes:

To save up your time further, Publer lets you set up the quick shortcodes for your social media posts. You can use frequently used hashtags, website address or URLs as a shortcode in Publer.

In the account settings, you can set up to 30 shortcodes. To set up the shortcode, you need to add the given hashtag, web address inside the curly bracket. For example, brackets like  {{shortcode}} can be used to save the frequently used hashtags, descriptions to the posts.

  • Calendar View Mode:

There are two views set up in Publer; list view and calendar view. In the calendar view, users can choose the right time and date for the postings.

It works the same way as the calendar does. The calendar posts let you see all the posts (recycled, scheduled or any) in the form of arranged week, date or month.

  • Schedule Follow-up Comments:

Social media platforms like LinkedIn doesn't allow the outbound links in their posts. To get more engagement, you can schedule and delay the follow-up comments on your social media.

With this feature, you can set up a schedule of your social media post and the follow-up comments. It is a great way to get more engagement.

  • Watermarking Images and Videos:

Watermarks can be a pain and placing it in the right place can take a lot of time. With Publer premium license, you can put the watermark on your images and videos so that it cannot be copied.

  • Link Shortening & Tracking:

Publer cuts off the need of a URL shortener for your social media posts. If you want to place a long URL on your Twitter and Linkedin posts, you would surely want it to get shorten.

The link shortener feature of Publer creates a short URL that can save you space in a Twitter post or on LinkedIn. There are 5 different URL parameters to shorten your link.

Once you have set up the link, you can track your links while directly integrating it to your Google Analytics.

  • Team collaborations:

Not many social media scheduler tools allow that, but Publer gives a feature for Team collaboration.

If you want to add more collaborators to your social media team, click on ‘Create Team' in the ‘Team' tab.

Create your team by naming it and upload the profile picture (optional).

However, you won't get this feature in a free trial or demo. You can assign the roles to your members as the owner, admin or editor.

The editor can be assigned the full access or partial access to the post creation.

  • Analytics:

Not just the social media management tool, Publer is an amazing tool for calculating social media engagement.

It has various metrics for different social media platforms.

In the dashboard, you can see all your likes, comments and followers on each post. Also, you can check the increase in the number of followers as compared to the previous period.

Publer can give metrics for likes, followers, engagements, shares, link clicks or video views in a single analytics dashboard.

You can also view the graphs for scheduled, drafted, cancelled, recycled or recurring posts. For each post, you can check the reach and re-share it for more engagement.

Besides these features, Publer offers other useful features such as Adding the signatures, delay between the posts, media upload using URL or saving the drafts so that you can edit them later.

Pros & Cons of Publer:


  • Quick Account Setup
  • Free Trial/ Free Version
  • Easy to Use Dashboard
  • Built-in Analytics
  • Hashtag Suggestions
  • Add location to posts
  • Integration via Zapier
  • The latest addition of YouTube and VK (soon to be added)
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Group Accounts
  • Desktop and Mobile View
  • Post callbacks
  • Add your signature


  • Images need resizing
  • Sometimes a post may fail automatically.
  • No direct integration with Instagram and Pinterest.

Publer Pricing:

Publer is an affordable tool that also offers a free version. However, the free plan of Publer has few limited features. The free plan offers 5 social accounts and up to 50 scheduled posts which include 10 from each account.

Besides the free plan, Publer also offers two pricing plans; Argentum and Aurum.

Argentum plan offers more features than the free plan. The lowest plan comes for $10/month. Adding social media account to this plan costs $2/account. If you want to add team members, it costs $1/team member.

Similarly, the aurum plan costs $20/month with more advanced features. If you want to add more social media accounts, it would cost $3/account or adding team members would cost $2/member.

However, you can save up to 15% on a quarterly plan and 17% on the half-yearly plan. On yearly subscription, you will save up to 20% on your bill.

Publer Alternatives:

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is an amazing social media scheduling tool which also comes with a customer relationship management feature. However, it lacks various advanced features when compared to Publer.

Hootsuite lacks features such as recycling posts, recurring posts, first comment, signatures, etc. Hootsuite is a better option for businesses who wish to use social media ads for engagement.

Pricing: Hootsuite offers a 30-day free trial on subscription. It offers three different plans; Professional plan which costs $19/month, Team plan which costs $99/month. For large businesses, you can upgrade to a business plan worth $499/month.

2. Buffer

Buffer is a top-notch social media tool for scheduling your posts. It can directly schedule your posts on social media channels including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest and Instagram.

Quick Features:

  • Create a Custom Schedule for each post
  • It lets you create a social media calendar ahead of time.
  • You can also get the chrome extension that lets you share the article on social media.
  • Track and Analyze your social media campaigns
  • Track Your Top performing content.

Pricing: The downside of Buffer is its pricing. Buffer publish basic plan costs $15/month whereas the advanced plan costs $65/month and $99/month.

However, you need to pay extra for the analytics plan.

3. SocialBee

SocialBee is an alternative to Hootsuite and Buffer for social media scheduling and management. It lets users connect various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google Mu Business.

SocialBee offers a plethora of features such as:

  • Schedule multiple posts at a time
  • Hashtag idea feature
  • Integration via Zapier
  • Custom URL tracking and shortening
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Create categories for each of your repeated posts.

Pricing:  It offers a 14-day free trial. SocialBee offers three pricing plans.

  • Bootstrap Plan ($19/month)
  • Accelerate ($39/month)
  • Pro Plan ($79/month)

Publer is certainly the most feature-rich social media scheduler tool with advanced features such as post recycling, recurring, analytic, and custom URL shortener. And, the pricing is a lot affordable as compared to Hootsuite, Buffer and SocialBee.


Do I Recommend Publer?

Yes. Publer is a top-notch social media scheduling tool which is a great fit for all size of businesses. It comes with over 30+ features and an option of adding as many social media accounts as you can. You can even add the team members for quick collaboration.

One of the most intriguing features is its reporting and analytics. You can track your increasing followers and track each metrics using Publer.

The only downside is that it will add Pinterest and Instagram through Zapier.

Overall, Publer is a great investment for even soloprenuers. I hope you have got the idea about this social media scheduling tool in this Publer review.

Publer Review


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