Scalify Review – Best FB Ad Management Software?

Scalify Review
Scalify Lifetime Deal

Scalify Lifetime Deal

Scalify helps you launch ads quickly and analyze the performance of your campaigns to ensure they're running as efficiently as possible.
Price Starting at $59/Lifetime

Facebook and Instagram are some of the most popular social media platforms in 2021. These powerful social media platforms account for 2.2 billion users and 1 billion users respectively.

Well, Facebook and Instagram are leveraged for generating leads organically or by using paid campaigns. According to Social Media Examiner, 93% of marketers use Facebook Ads to generate leads whereas 73% of marketers use Instagram ads.

This becomes even more crucial when you are an eCommerce seller. However, running and setting up Facebook or Instagram ads could be a daunting task. Further, it needs to be done right.

Your audiences, demographics, and schedule are crucial for a successful social media Ad. Launching and re-launching the Facebook or Instagram ad can be time-consuming and you never know what you are getting out of it until you have the right metrics and KPIs.

That’s where the Ad automation tool like Scalify comes into play.

In my Scalify review, I have shared everything about this tool including its features, pricing, pros, and cons and why do you need this tool?

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What is Scalify?

Scalify is an amazing automated Ad targeting tool that is designed for Instagram and Facebook users. Scalify helps users create new audiences, retarget new audiences and also offers A/B testing of your ads to see the better version of your Facebook ad.

Scalify is founded by the young entrepreneur Yassir Ennazk who is an experienced marketer. What sets Scalify apart from most of the automation ad tools is that it lets you create robust and easy campaigns.

It uses Open AI's GPT-3 for creating the AI-Generated Ad Copies for your Ad campaigns.

Most of the newbies or inexperienced Facebook marketers would find it hard to run targeted ads and generate leads or sales. Scalify eases the task of creating Ads by creating a look-alike audience, generating interest and re-launching the ads with the same target audience or by changing the audiences.

Hence, the basic idea behind Scalify is to make life easier by creating automated Facebook and Instagram ads with interest-based targeting.

Why Do You Need Scalify?

Indeed Scalify is one of the best tools if you are running automated Facebook and Instagram Ads on loop. Even if you are running the ad campaign, you can get your hands on this tool to run targeted ads and set everything in the loop.

Scalify can save you tons of manual labour and tons of time. With manual labour, you can also save costs on Ads and get a real edge over the competitors in real-time.

Scalify app also solves various problems by:

  • Automatically creating personalized audiences
  • Creating Look-Alike audiences on the basis of lifetime customer value
  • Publish Ads automatically for personalized or look-alike audiences. 
  • Automatic retargeting ads with displayed pages.
  • Automatic break up of ads on the basis of gender and age groups.
  • Automatically create custom conversions for store products.

Let’s take an example of how Scalify will help you.

So you want to test a new product, and you advertise it on Facebook. You use interest targeting so that only people with the same interests will see your ad. When you launch the campaign, there are many people who click and buy your product at a low price. You make money because of these sales. And, yes it worked for you!

Not just this, you have other questions in mind like;

What was that cost per click? How much did I spend on my ads, and how many new customers am I getting from each one of them who actually buy something before the end of their trial period? Is this even a good value for me or not as expensive as it seems to be so far. This is what you ask yourself when your Facebook ad campaign results show lacklustre numbers, but don't worry there are ways around these problems!

And, that’s what scalify solves for you!

Who Needs Scalify?

Scalify LTD

Not all the tools are for everyone. So, this is the case with scalify.

Scalify is associated with Facebook and Instagram, but it is not just limited to the social media marketers. The ease of use of this platform makes it a great choice for various advertisers, e-commerce store owners, offline and online business owners.

  1. E-commerce stores

E-commerce store owners are always in dire need of selling their products. They are largely dependent on Facebook and Instagram for customer acquisition and bringing traffic to their website.

Besides the tedious task of managing their store and inventory, managing the ads could be overwhelming.

Scalify integrates seamlessly with a number of eCommerce store builders that can help target better and generate sales by saving costs and labor. Be it Shopify, BigCommerce or Worpdress hosted stores, Scalify can help target a narrow audience that can bring sales.

You can test your campaigns and create a look-alike audience at your store to make it more impactful.

  •   Advertising Agencies

Advertising agencies are always short of time. Hence, they need a more robust solution to save time and get maximum profits. Scalify is a great fit for advertising agencies that want to save the cost of hiring and keep their client’s ads on autopilot.

With the exact and interest-based targeting, the agencies can save their costs on ads and maximize their profit.

  • Online or Offline Business

Be it online or an offline business, social media can prove to be a real goldmine. With Scalify, a person with little knowledge about Facebook ads and targeting can easily create and run campaigns.

Using Scalify’s ad campaigns, you can use Facebook ads to direct social media audiences to your business website. Or, you can also generate the leads for your offline business by running ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram on loop.

  • Startups

Startups are low on budget and cannot manage to run costly Facebook or Instagram ads. That’s a goldmine for someone who wants to save their cost on hiring social media marketers.

However, you must have a little knack for running the ads on social media. Scalify helps users to set various metrics and track their ads using the UTM tags.

  • Freelancers

Freelancers like Social media marketers can use this tool to run Facebook or Instagram ads on automation. They know the audience, the interest groups and the right time to launch ads.

With Scalify’s auto-pilot mode, Freelancers can save tons of hours and avoid hassle in running and managing each of their client’s ads on time. 

  • Solopreneur

Solopreneurs can leverage Scalify’s automation feature to create look-alike audiences and scale profitably with strategies that eliminate budget waste and boost your results.

Scalify Features:

In my Scalify Review, I will guide you through each of the Scalify features in detail and how each of these features can help you.

Here are some of the most intriguing features of Scalify:


Scalify has an amazing launch campaign feature that guarantees high ROAS with its automated workflow and superior targeting.

Automatic Split Testing: During the set-up of the campaign, you can create A/B tests of the interests of your audience. This is an amazing feature to test out the target audience of your products and their interests. You can create split tests for different age groups, genders as well as different demographics.

Choose High-Converting Audience:

Based on your website traffic and audience, Scalify creates interest and targets the audience with the same interests. These audiences can be categorised into the ones such as the hesitated ones, or visitors who have added the product to checkout.

The best part is that you get the pre-built audience templates to target for your Facebook and Instagram ads that you could use on the go.

Audience Builder

You can also build your audience from the scratch based on their specific behaviour or choose the filters like device type, frequency and time spent on your website.

Automated Promotion

Scalify automatically picks the top posts and re-run them as an ad. The ads are then targeted using pre-made audience templates which get more likes, comments and shares. Finally, you can use these ads to push the cold audiences into the funnel and create new prospects.

Look-Alikes audience

Managing the look-alike audience for each of your ad campaigns and for different locations can be a daunting task. Scalify helps you create look-alike audiences and target them in different locations so that you could save on your ads.

This could help you convert the bad ads into top-performing ads by creating look-alike audiences and reach more people.

Budget Distribution:

With just one click, you can distribute the Ad budgets for your campaign. Scalify uses the Facebook algorithm to distribute the ad budgets and choose which ad will be shown more to the audiences.

Before the ad launch, you can add the UTM tag to your ad campaign or ad set to get the Facebook or Instagram audience data and get enhanced tracking of your ad campaigns to ensure maximum ROAS.


What Scalify does is that it optimizes the ads on Autopilot. Auto optimization of Ads increases ROAS without increasing your CPR. Scalify ensures that you need no team or social media marketers to hire for auto-optimization.

Pre-Built Optimization Strategies 

Scalify has some pre-built optimization strategies to ensure cost and time. These optimization strategies focus on goals such as turning off the waste ads automatically or by reactivating the most potential or winning ads automatically.

Automated History & Record

Scalify keeps track of all your automation history to check and analyze better what works the best and what time did optimization take place. Besides this, you can also get the automation reports on Slack or via email so that you know how optimization works the best.

Set Automation Schedule

You have the flexibility to set the automation schedule for your campaign. You can choose the automation schedule anywhere between 15 minutes to 72 hours. That depends on the aggressiveness of your ad campaigns and what type of ads you are running.


Scalify is as good at tracking as it is in launching ad campaigns. It gives you the right metrics that you need to get the right prospects, reduce ad spend and increase your chance of making more profits.

Scalify has an amazing analytics dashboard that includes:

Drag and Drop analytics

One of the major perks of Scalify’s analytics dashboard is that it is extremely easy to use. You can move any widget or KPIs to your dashboard and track these metrics. You can also use the pre-build dashboard templates to start tracking the metrics that you want.

Single Platform for Data

Scalify is a platform that collects data from Facebook, Google Analytics, and your website that makes tracking easier and comparable. This way, you can track the KPIs that you want to and get unbiased ROAS for the data.

Compare Various KPIs 

You can use various KPIs on a single dashboard and compare them to get more data driven analysis. Scalify eliminates the need for integrating these platforms together by bringing all the data together.

Conversion Tracking

Scalify uses the integrated landing page tracker to track the conversions. Just drop in the URL into the tracker and you will have complete data for the page to optimize your conversion funnel.

Automation Builder

Scalify helios you create an automation template using its automation builder. You can use this to build custom automation in minutes and set a schedule for your automation to run. Further, you can set specific conditions here to trigger an action and finally get everything straight to the inbox.

You can also replicate the previous potential or winning ads so that they reach maximum ROI.


Scalify Scaling

To help ads scale faster and at low prices, Scalify creates about 200 custom and lookalike audiences that can help you to reach out to highly interested audiences at the lowest cost and low ROAS.

Finally, you can find a winning audience to scale your ad better. Scalify uses a lifetime value of the customer to make sure that the customer lookalike audience that has been created is perfect and optimized.

Once you create the variations of lookalike audiences and launch them, your ads spending will be less with maximum profit.

What are the Key Benefits of Scalify?

Scalify has turned out to be an amazing and affordable platform for creating robust campaigns that allow you to create prospects and retarget using dynamic retargeting and scale the ad campaigns faster.

Here are the key benefits of using Scalify:

  • The automated Scalify Launchpad helps you launch Facebook and Instagram ads quickly.
  • It can help you retarget and recover the abandoned carts using their dynamic retargeting campaigns.
  • A single dashboard for understanding the audience performance and getting the breakdown of each performance.
  • Helios automates ad optimization so that you can save your waste of budgets and time spent.

Pros and Cons of Scalify:

Pros of Scalify:

  • Set up is easy.
  • Scalify has one of the easiest User Interfaces that are perfect for newbies.
  • The impressive roadmap is what sets it apart from others.
  • Once the user registers, the ease of setting up the campaign is a  breeze.
  • Free trial available
  • Automating split testing feature
  • Integrates seamlessly with Shopify
  • Easy to use drag and drop Analytics dashboard.
  • Various product strategies templates.


  • No live chat or frequent support system.
  • Lacks Google Ads implementation.
  • No shareable links for reports to be shared with the client.

Scalify Pricing

What I liked even better about Scalify is its pricing model. In my opinion, some tools like email marketing tools or automation tools should offer the pay-per-use model rather than the subscription model.

This way, you can be accustomed to your needs and will appropriately use the resources as much as you need.

Scalify app offers the pay-per-use pricing model.

However, you can also try their free plan before paying for it. The free plan of Scalify offers every feature that you need to kickstart your Ads on automation.

Scalify gives you the 7-day free trial here.

After the free trial, you can choose the pricing depending on the Monthly Ads Spend.

For example, the lowest plan costs $39/month that offers a maximum monthly ad spend of up to $5,000/month. 

The next plan costs $59/month with monthly ad spend up to $10,000/month. You can upgrade or downgrade your pricing depending on your ad spent and requirements. For the enterprise level, Scalify offers a maximum ad spend of $3,000,000/mo that costs around $2,420/month.

Scalify also offers yearly pricing plans with 2-Months free. When you subscribe to the yearly pricing, you can save up to $10/month for the starter plan. As the plan upgrades, you can save further on a yearly subscription.

But hold on! There’s a catch.

Scalify Lifetime Deal

Scalify gives various lifetime deals depending on the monthly Ad spend.

You can choose the one that suits your needs.

Scalify LTD Plans:

Plan A: $49/lifetime

  • $10,000 Ad Spent per month
  • All Features included in the software
  • 60-days money-back guarantee.

Plan B costs $97/lifetime

  • $25,000 Ad Spend  per month
  • All Features included in the software
  • 60-days money-back guarantee.

Plan C costs $145/lifetime

  • $50,000 Ad Spend  per month
  • All Features included in the software
  • 60-days money-back guarantee.

Plan D costs $197/lifetime

  • $200,000 Ad Spend  per month
  • All Features included in the software
  • 60-days money-back guarantee.

Plan E costs $245/lifetime

  • You can create up to 10 sub-accounts here
  • $500,000 Ad Spend  per month
  • All Features included in the software
  • 60-days money-back guarantee.

Plan F costs $395/lifetime

  • Create up to 20 sub-accounts
  • $1M Ad Spend  per month
  • All Features included in the software
  • 60-days money-back guarantee.

Plan G costs $995/lifetime

  • Create up to 50 sub-accounts
  • $5M Ad Spend  per month
  • All Features included in the software
  • 60-days money-back guarantee.

Plan H is a Suba-account Add-on that you can buy with any other Sub-account plan. To add more sub-accounts to your plan, you can get 2-sub accounts for $49/lifetime. Pitchground offering limited-time LTD plans. Grab the deal before it ends.

Scalify Roadmap

You can also view the roadmap of Scalify by clicking here.

In the roadmap, you can view the Ideas and Requests by the customers. These features are sorted into improvement or the newly added.

In the next column, you will get the recent and upcoming Integrations with Scalify. During my time of writing this review, the recent integration announcements are Presta, Facebook ads, Zapier, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Omnisend and Weebly.

The next column has the new language requests that will be added to Scalify. In the next column, you get the features and updates to take place in Q3 and Q4 of the year.

Next, you will complete all the completed tasks that Scalify has made. For example, Scalify has added integration with Google Analytics, Woocommerce and Wix that are reflected on the completed column.

The last column consists of the Backburner requests. This includes the requests that have been rejected.

How To Use Scalify?

With Scalify targeting feature, you can find the winning audience by launching a targeted campaign that gives the best results.


The dashboard is a sleek one and consists of four tabs on the left sidebar. Here, you can see the amount of Ads spent, Orders completed, revenue generated and profits made.

In the dashboard, you can create a new campaign or choose to create a new offer directly.

Creating a Campaign:

Click on ‘Create One to create a new campaign. Choose if you wish to create a new campaign or edit the existing ones.

Next, choose the Campaign objective/template. Irrespective of your campaign goals such as Conversions, Traffic, Engagement, Brand Awareness and Video view, Scalify gives you the templates readymade. 

Depending on your conversion goal, your Ad spends will be consumed. Set the daily budget for your campaign and choose the Ad category to proceed.

Now, you can create up to 200 ad sets in the dashboard. Click on Next and choose the Conversion event that you want to accomplish. This may be view content, form submission or any other actions.

The next step is to create Interests based on your products. You can create Ad variations and save them for further Ad sets. You can include the target keywords and also choose to exclude the ones that you don’t want to target.

You can also choose to combine several interests and match them for a wider reach.

Next, you can add the locations that you want to include in your Ad sets. Input the languages that you want to target for your campaigns.

Further, you can create variations of audiences in Age and gender. You can also choose the Ad placements for your dynamic social media ads.

Lastly, you can also do Ad optimization where you can control the ad costs by choosing what you will count as a conversion.

Creating Ads:

After setting up the campaign, head over to the Ad Creatives to create a new ad.

You can choose to set up a new ad or edit an existing one. If you choose the existing ads, the previous data like likes and comments will be restored.

On the Ad creative tab, you get different tabs for setting up ads.

Choose the pages that you want to create ads for on your Facebook and Instagram account. Next, add the text to the box. You can create text variations and perform the split test. Add the media that you want to add to your creatives.

In the URL tab, add the URL that you want to create the ad for. You can also split test the CTA buttons and description of the creative. Once done, click on Add to complete and launch ad creative.

The last step is to choose the Ad flow for your creatives.

You can either let the Facebook algorithm choose which ad should get more impression or run each ad set equally at the same time.

However, the latter would consume all your ad budget at once.

Similarly, you can automate the campaigns and scale them using various filters and tabs.

Scalify Integration with Shopify

One of the reasons that I would recommend Scalify to the eCommerce store owners is because it integrates with one of the most popular eCommerce CMS- Shopify.

In fact, Scalify is the best option to get traffic to your Shopify website using Facebook and Instagram automation. Besides Shopify, it also integrates with website builders like Wix, Squarespace, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and Weebly(coming soon).

Scalify app comes as an Add-on which you can add to your Shopify store and launch the creative ads from the dashboard without switching to the scalify platform.

 You can add as many ad creatives to the dashboard and target or re-target directly from the Shopify store.

You can add the products in the queue and launch the Ad sets one by one.

Best Scalify Alternatives

1. Scalify Vs Madgicx

Madgicx is an award-winning Facebook and Google advertising platform. With a 7-day trial, you can use Madgicx and check their Facebook and Instagram automation capabilities.  

If you need a tool for Google Ads automation, the Madgicx is an amazing choice for you.

Comparing the features of Scalify and Madgicx, I found Scalify as more comprehensive for the Facebook and Instagram automation ads.

Madgicx offers a mobile app for users so that they can manage everything with ease. You will also get the audience builder and pre-made templates to use in the campaign. Further, you can create as many scaling campaigns as you want.

You can schedule and edit your campaigns anytime after the launch. Similar to Scalify, Madgicx also gives the analytics dashboard. However, that comes with fixed metrics and KPIs only.

Scalify wins in various areas such as unlimited users, interest targeting and drag and drop widgets for analytics dashboard.

2. Scalify vs Revealbot

Revealbot is much similar to Scalify in terms of features and functionalities. Revealbot considers itself as the best Ad automation tool for Facebook.

To some extent, I would say yes because of its amazing targeting and audience creation. You can also get the reports through email or Slack. You can create new ads and optimize the existing audience on the go.

However, Scalify wins in some areas over Revealbot. For example, Revealbot doesn’t offer interest targeting or pre-built audience templates. The analytics dashboard of Revealbot is hard to navigate and lacks features such as drag and drop widget.

3. Scalify vs AdEspresso

Adespresso by Hootsuite is yet another amazing alternative to Scalify. AdEspresso is tailor-made for running Facebook ads on automation.

It has an easy to use Campaign launcher that creates automatic dynamic ad posts on the go. You can create automatic bulk ads or for individual products. Like Scalify, you can also get the target audience from CRM.

AdEspresso lets you create catalog ads by bulk import. In comparison to Scalify, AdEspresso lacks some functionalities such as interest-based targeting and the creation of a lookalike audience.

AdEspresso does not offer the integration option with Shopify and Wix like builders.

4. Scalify vs Roihunter

ROI Hunter is the underdog of the Facebook Ad automation tool. Besides the automation features like dynamic ad creation, catalogue creation, audience builder and automation builder, ROI hunter has a dedicated mobile app.

It also offers the Image and video editor, CRM imported custom audience creation. You would also get the mobile app with this.

ROIHunter is a perfect alternative to Scalify if you are looking for Google Ad Automation. If you want to integrate with Shopify, you need to install the pixel to your Shopify store.   

5. Scalify vs Adzooma

Adzooma is an amazing Ad management tool that is a great fit for running Google Ads. It offers AI-driven suggestions to optimize the ads. Adzooma is used by various PPC marketers but lacks the features to run Facebook or Instagram ads on optimization.

The reporting feature of Adzooma eliminates the need of creating Excel reports. You can either create pre-generated reports or create a new one from scratch using its own metrics.

You can choose the automation templates to create Ad automation. There are various automation rules that you can use in your automation template.

However, it is not a great tool if you want to run Instagram or Facebook ads with perfection.

6. Scalify vs Poweradspy

PowerAdSpy is considered the #1 Ad automation tool for marketers. It is a  more comprehensive tool than Scalify. Besides offering automation. PowerAdSpy effectively spies on the competitors, your niches and helps you create a more effective Ad strategy.

However, the software does not offer automation features as Scalify does. If you want to spy on your competitors rather than creating automation for your ads, PowerAdSpy is the right tool for you.

7. Scalify vs Facebook Ads Manager

If you are unsure of using any tool for automating the ads, you can use the Facebook Ads manager by Facebook.

In fact, it offers various features that Revealbot or Adespress like tool doesn’t. You can create interest-based targeting, create bulk catalogue ads and schedule your campaign. Further, you can manage your ads using the Facebook mobile app.

Users can also track their individual campaigns besides tracking each ad set. If you need a free solution, you can rely on the Facebook Ads manager. However, the automation is manual here.

However, you should have a knack for running Facebook ads if you are running a Facebook ads manager. Scalify automates your task and launching your ad campaigns is a breeze here. 

I would rate Scalify UI as far easier than the FB Ads manager itself.


So, Is Scalify Good enough?

In my opinion, Scalify is one of the best tools if you want to automate your Ads so that you can focus on other tasks. Imagine social media ads as one of the most important parts of your funnel and then you have a large volume of customers for conversions.

Once you integrate your store with Scalify, you will have all the data flowing through the website. Target-based automation is a big plus here.

Scalify is free for 7 days and I think it is enough to test out the features. Scalify has a better UI than Facebook Ads manager and other automation tools in the list.

This tool can prove to be a goldmine for Shopify users as it is available as a Shopify add-on. Apart from this, you can create multiple ad sets and try each variation of the ads to check their success rate.

Another reason that I would recommend Scalify to the marketers is because of its transparent roadmap. The company will soon launch add features for running Facebook leads, Messenger ads and Google Ads on automation.

You can request any feature that you want by using their product roadmap. I hope my Scalify review has given you a detailed view of this amazing automation tool and how it can benefit you.

Scalify Review


Hi, I am Sasidhar, a Digital Marketing Strategist from India. I have over 15 years of experience in Digital Marketing and have helped 100+ businesses through my expertise in the field.

My experience as a digital marketer has enabled me to work with major organizations like AXA Technologies, Manipal Global Education, Euro RSCG, and many others who have hired me to promote their businesses online.

I created this blog to share reviews of software I rely on, as well as the reviews of other products I use. The next time you're looking for an honest review, a deal, or a comparison of the latest software, check out this blog.

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